Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Yep Halloween has come and gone. It was a strange one for me, but the boys say the best one ever for them. Let see now weekend recap.
Saturday was crafts with some of the ladies from church. God had put me in such a wonderful church here. I love it! Again, I know I keep saying it , but it feels like I've know these people forever. First though we got up early and went up to the Gasper's. They were giving us a twin bed and roll top desk for Francis. A Queen frame and box spring for our bed and a dresser! Horraayyy! So we all drove up there and Kathy and I left for craft time and the guys worked on loading up the furniture and moving it to our house. We ladies had a great time chatting and doing our different craft projects. Phil and the boys came up in the afternoon when the craft time was over and the ladies had left the Turners. We had lunch there. Phil spent time talking with Wayne and I chatted with Tracy. Then we left and went to Lowe's for some boards to put in the frame of Francis' bed. It is an gorgeous antique sleigh bed. Then we went home and finished assembling the bed. Kathy called and her son wanted Francis to spend the night so I let him run off with them. Less fighting amongst the boys that way. Phil got ambitious and changed a few of the light plugs out. Big mistake! He switched a line somewhere and my bedroom lost power. One hour later he got it figured out. Then we went off to Mama Inez's for dinner. That place is yummy! Then it was back to the house and assemble my bed. By now Bryce was so excited about the bed he had Francis' bed made and was planning to spend the night in it. LOL! That was our Saturday!
Sunday we got up early it was nice to gain an hour during the night. We went to church and that is where we got Francis back. (shoot!) LOL! Then we went to Winco and did some shopping. Lots of Halloween Candy. Too much now that the night is over, that is another posting since my arms are getting tired. Then we went to Harbor Freight and got some pump that Phil needed to work on the car. Along the way back we stopped at a mattress place that was closing up. Bryce said if he had a bed like Francis he would sleep in it and not on the floor anymore. So we gave it a try. With mattress, frame, and head board it cost us almost 400 dollars. The boy and better use that bed! Then we loaded it up on the van and brought it home. We of course had!To assemble it ASAP! Francis managed to smash a few fingers in the process. Not good for dad's heart let me tell you. Any way Bryce is pretty tickled with his new bed. We're just wondering how long it will last, and how long before he trashes it. Dinner was some rib eye steak that Smiths had on sale for 4.99 a pound can't beat that with a stick. For some reason I keep thinking it was a rather early night for us Sunday.
Monday was a oh hum day. Just homeschooling and Home Care Group in the evening. Francis had Boy Scouts that evening too. Kathy picked him up and took him. Bryce and I hitched a ride to group with Melinda. In group we are studying the book of Nehemiah. Talk about a man of faith and leadership. Very interesting study. Kathy dropped Francis off at the Turners when they were done with Scouts so Francis joined the other kids in the dinning room. That was pretty much it for Monday.
Tuesday well I'm pooped so I'm going to do it a little later. I promise I won't forget. OK!
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