Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Yep Halloween has come and gone. It was a strange one for me, but the boys say the best one ever for them. Let see now weekend recap.
Saturday was crafts with some of the ladies from church. God had put me in such a wonderful church here. I love it! Again, I know I keep saying it , but it feels like I've know these people forever. First though we got up early and went up to the Gasper's. They were giving us a twin bed and roll top desk for Francis. A Queen frame and box spring for our bed and a dresser! Horraayyy! So we all drove up there and Kathy and I left for craft time and the guys worked on loading up the furniture and moving it to our house. We ladies had a great time chatting and doing our different craft projects. Phil and the boys came up in the afternoon when the craft time was over and the ladies had left the Turners. We had lunch there. Phil spent time talking with Wayne and I chatted with Tracy. Then we left and went to Lowe's for some boards to put in the frame of Francis' bed. It is an gorgeous antique sleigh bed. Then we went home and finished assembling the bed. Kathy called and her son wanted Francis to spend the night so I let him run off with them. Less fighting amongst the boys that way. Phil got ambitious and changed a few of the light plugs out. Big mistake! He switched a line somewhere and my bedroom lost power. One hour later he got it figured out. Then we went off to Mama Inez's for dinner. That place is yummy! Then it was back to the house and assemble my bed. By now Bryce was so excited about the bed he had Francis' bed made and was planning to spend the night in it. LOL! That was our Saturday!
Sunday we got up early it was nice to gain an hour during the night. We went to church and that is where we got Francis back. (shoot!) LOL! Then we went to Winco and did some shopping. Lots of Halloween Candy. Too much now that the night is over, that is another posting since my arms are getting tired. Then we went to Harbor Freight and got some pump that Phil needed to work on the car. Along the way back we stopped at a mattress place that was closing up. Bryce said if he had a bed like Francis he would sleep in it and not on the floor anymore. So we gave it a try. With mattress, frame, and head board it cost us almost 400 dollars. The boy and better use that bed! Then we loaded it up on the van and brought it home. We of course had!To assemble it ASAP! Francis managed to smash a few fingers in the process. Not good for dad's heart let me tell you. Any way Bryce is pretty tickled with his new bed. We're just wondering how long it will last, and how long before he trashes it. Dinner was some rib eye steak that Smiths had on sale for 4.99 a pound can't beat that with a stick. For some reason I keep thinking it was a rather early night for us Sunday.
Monday was a oh hum day. Just homeschooling and Home Care Group in the evening. Francis had Boy Scouts that evening too. Kathy picked him up and took him. Bryce and I hitched a ride to group with Melinda. In group we are studying the book of Nehemiah. Talk about a man of faith and leadership. Very interesting study. Kathy dropped Francis off at the Turners when they were done with Scouts so Francis joined the other kids in the dinning room. That was pretty much it for Monday.
Tuesday well I'm pooped so I'm going to do it a little later. I promise I won't forget. OK!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Gee is it Saturday already?

What happened to Friday? I tell you take a few days rest and what happens everything blows up. This morning I was up by 7. Phil had an appointment at the Chiropractors for a massage. So I waited at home with the boys. I woke them up before Phil got back and got breakfast going. Then we dropped Phil off at work, by 9:30. It was a quick jaunt across town to drop off the rent check. Then I stopped by Treasure Valley Coffee for some more coffee beans. Good stuff there. I chatted with the lady there for a bit. Then it was home to get the boys some stuff for when I went in for my massage. I had an hour massage. Talk about wonderful! I had tense muscles I didn't even know about. Then when we got home there was a message from Phil that he had lunch at 1:30. So we, I rested a bit after that wonderful massage, and off again it was. We had a check we had to deposit so that's what we did. There's a place here called Hogi Yogi's that we've been eyeing up so we decided to give it a try for lunch. It was soooo gooood. Dropped Phil off and then I went to a womens ministry meeting. That was fun I can't wait till the womens craft time tomorrow-WAIT-this morning. Then on the way home we checked out the new Dollar Tree that opened TODAY. Right by our house! That cost 30 bucks. By then it was almost time for us to pick up Phil from work. From there it was Wingers for dinner and a stop at Walgreens for some stuff. I had to run by WalMart for yarn and didn't get out of there for under 70 bucks!I just got done making a Sock it to me cake for tomorrow morning. Now I'm going to bed! I have bunches more to write later. OK? Night all.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Scattered Clouds...NOT!

The weather said scattered clouds today. I was so looking forward to a walk around the park today too. Then what happens SNOW! Hunny this is not Vancouver Washinton! We got sprinkles for all of about 5 minutes today now. THIS!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I figured it would warm up and stop but is still hasn't. So much for that walk around the park today.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Well that was a BUST!

Our ride forgot about us. Poor thing is trying to do too many things and we kinda got lost in the mess. Phil rushed home after work and the boys had about 30 minutes at the Harvest Party tonight. No real pictures sorry folks. We did help clean up and then went out to eat. We decided to try a place by us called Johnny B'Good. Not bad it was a fiftys themed diner. We made total pigs of ourselves and had burgers and fries. With the must have Malt shakes. Those shakes were sooo good. You could really taste the malt in them. Now I'm home just taking it easy tonight. Maybe I'll start on a layout I'll have to see what pictures I have. I guess that's it for now night everyone.

Ready for the Harvest?

Well another weekend gone. Yesterday we did just what I said we would do. We stopped at Parrishes and got Francis his Darth Vader Mask. Special effect sounds and all. While we were there we browesed around and found of all things one of those wine bottle cork pullers that look like a rabbit. Awesome deal only 9 bucks! Then we went off to JoAnne Fabrics for red thread. While we were there we also got some nice fleece with flames on it for the boys head gear that I have to sew still. I have the pattern all drafted out and everything too. Then we came home and I started to work on my paper layout. Then I tried a slice mind you very small slice of apple. BIG MISTAKE! My throat started to swell and all that great allergic reaction stuff. I took one just one Benadryl and talk about getting zonked! I slept for hours! So Phil took Francis to his Boy Scout meeting, and I slept. I finally got up and went downstair and, got my paper scrap layout done for a challenge I'll show them all when the 8 weeks are up. Then is was back to sleep. Man Benadryl puts me all off wack.
This morning we got up late. (Blame the Benadryl) So we went to second service then came home by way of Blockbuster, and got Over the Hedge. It was leftover chili for lunch and then we watched part of Over the Hedge. Then it was time to go back up to Booths Barn.(temporary home of Gate City Christian) To set up for tomorrows Harvest Party. We got that done then came home. I made a Halloween sign for the front door as my bonus point item for the challenge I'm doing. I'm really surprised I've made it this far. With my rubber stamps still missing somewhere in all the boxes downstairs. Thus far all I've done is gel out in front of the tv and knit. That's been about it for today. I think I maybe sleeping on the sofa though. Bryce has commendered my side of the bed with his feet on the pillow. Not sure if it's safe in there. Last thing I need is to be kicked in the head. I'll let you know how the Harvest Party goes tomorrow.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Gee What happened to yesterday?

I mean it. We dropped Phil off at work again and came home for a few hours. I finally got around to sewing the patches on to Francis' Boy Scout uniform. I still need to get red thread and finish but it's mostly done.
Then we got ready to go to the pumpkin patch. I got a little lost getting there. Turns out I didn't go far enough down Yellowstone. So I went all the way home to double check the directions. Then we went back and found the place. We went through the corn maze. They have a bunch of questions that you need to answer correctly to find your way out. It was fun! I took some pictures. Then when you come out of the maze there were things to make a suet ball pine cone for the birds at home. When we were done with that we went back into the maze to get out. Then the boys picked out some pumpkins for themselves. These were really nice pumpkins too, they had a hard time choosing. Then the owner went to get the $1 pumpkins so Francis and one of the other boys went to help her(she's 2 months pregnant) While they were gone it started to rain a little. It was really weird it was like it started to dump on us then just stopped. The boys got back and everyone helped unload the pumpkins. Francis wanted to take another quick run through the maze so I let him. Then there was this really strong gust of wind, almost Hollywood like. I though uh oh here comes the rain again. WRONG! As I was putting the camera in the car a snowflake went floating past me! It was snow and hail! What kind of combination is that?! And Francis had gone into the maze with not jacket! That will teach him to not listen to mom. Probably not though. So in the snow we ran to Wal-Mart for Chicken Enchilada makings. The snow had stopped by the time I was done shopping. Get this I had $16.50 in my pocket and my total was $16.32! Talk about cutting it close! They didn't have Lawrys enchilada mix either I ended up with can stuff. Any way we went home and I worked on my computer trying to figure out this personal website thing. When that happens I'll move my blog there. Hopefully...
Then Bryce didn't want to take a nap and wanted me to lay with him. So I layed down and next thing I knew Francis is running in going "MOM! We have to go pickup dad!" Where did the afternoon go? So we went and picked Phil up from work. No getting out of making enchiladas the boys insisted I make it. It was OK with the can sauce, but the boys would rather I had made the sauce myself from scratch. Guess I better do that Penzeys order.
Today will be another full day of course half of it is gone now since we slept in and I made a big breakfast. Now I better get finished dressing and get the guys in gear. I got some layouts to do today too so I'll be posting them later.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rollerskates and Books

I know odd combination but that's basically what today boiled down to. It was Homeschool Skate Day at the Deleta Skate. I got there and this week was a very active week. There was a charity bake sale going on and one of the moms sells educational puzzles, which she had a bunch of. Another mom brought all her used curriculum in to sell. This was great since I have been looking for a pre-algebra book for Francis. She had one and I bought it for only 3 dollars. Now that's a deal. And then my friend had a bunch of text books that had been donated to her for our homeschool group. She was giving them away for free! So I grabbed an algebra 1 book for when I get the line "I'm bored". I'll just move him up to the next book. heehee. Of course I ended up bringing home a bunch more books to ebay that was left over after the day was over. For some reason I just lost my afternoon. We ran up to the Boyscout office to get one more patch that Francis was missing for his uniform. Then it was home for lunch. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out why this laptop is running so slooooooooow lately when ever I try to do a layout. It's taking me like 2 days to do a layout since each process seems to be taking foreeevvva! It's a little better but still slow.
I made chili for dinner tonight. Then we ran to pick Phil up from work, ran home dropped the boys off, and ran to the Chiropractors for an orientation session. Now it's like midnight and I'm pooped. I think I'm going to bed and just going to have to figure out the laptop thing later. We have to drop Phil off again tomorrow since it is Pumpkin Patch day for the Homeschoolers. I would leave you a layout but it isn't finished especially since to save it took like 20 minutes. I'll finish and post it tomorrow night, along with a few pumpkin patch pictures.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just another day…

I spent today doing more Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and unpacking boxes of books. A lot of which I had not planned on bringing with me. I wonder where I can get rid of them here in Pocatello. SmileyCentral.com Any how…My friend in Snoqualmie Washington called and got me set up with Arbonne. Now I can get my stuff directly and with the consultant discount too. How good is that? We talked and got caught up. Then they had to run off to piano lessons. Me I took a little nap, not long enough but it was nice. Now I’m marinating some beef for FAJITAS! There was so much beef I took the extra and am marinating that in teriyaki sauce. I’ll cook that a little later and dry it for beef jerky. The last batch was sooo good. Well Phil should be home soon so I better get ready to cook those fajitas. Mmmm, I’ll leave you with my short haircut photos. It’s a little messy since I had just washed it.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sorry I got busy and didn’t post I’ve got to eat now.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

As per request

Ok Angie I don't have much but here is the potato field that was next to the one we were gleaning earlier in the month.
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Then there's the field we were gleaning in. With a whole bunch of homeshoolers.
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WOW! Don't Faint!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I'm going to post again! Yeah I know I missed Monday but it was a busy day that I got nothing done in. Let me go back just a little bit to Sunday.
We had a great day Sunday. We got up had breakfast, and made it to church with time to spare! After church they had the clothing exchange. It was great timeing becuase Francis managed to pop the button on his last pair of pants that fit him. It's getting way to cold for shorts so we had planned to go buy him pants after church. I got like 4 pairs of pants for him a nice warm jacket for the winter weather (that we will not be used to.)and a bunch of shirts. For Bryce I got a whole bunch of sweat shirts and a jacket for him too. I even got something for me! Then Phil had this wild idea that we would drive out to American Falls to see what it is like out there. You know what it is? Miles and miles of Potato! Fields! We came home and teriyaki beef for dinner. It was good! Then we went to Wal Mart and spent a hundred dollars on groceries. Well maybe not all of it on groceries. We got each boy a pair of sweat pants, and other sundries. Not bad for a Sunday we only spent 10 bucks on cloths instead of 100 bucks. Oh and the left over teriyaki beef. I dried it and WOW! What great beef jerky it makes. I'm going to have to do more next time so we can have more jerky.

Monday well can you guess? Yep it was Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting ALLLLLL day. Francis is supposed to do the dishes now since that is his Boyscout homework. HA! Funny! Isn't it?Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting So then we had our home bible study group. We have such a great time there. Right now we are studying the book of Nehemiah. Great book for leadership, but I won't go there. After bible group we came home and basicly snacked our way through the kitchen. Which as I sit here still needs to be cleaned up. I know bad mommy!

TODAY I went to get my hair cut. I'll post a picture when I can. Photoshop is being a pain. I think it caught what ever my Paint Shop Pro Photo has. Because it is going sooooo slllloooowwww! First I couldn't find the place. Might have helped if I had looked on the corect side of the street when I passed it. (DUH!) So I went home a googled it. Then I went back out boys in tow to find the place. She wouldn't have room till 1pm so we went to the scrap store for some fall emblies. Then I took the boys to McDonalds. They spent some time playing in the play structure before we had to leave. When we got there the boys had finaly decided that they wanted to have their hair cut too. My hair is short short short. Just it grows so fast I have no choice unless I want to get it cut weekly. Sorry not that rich! Then on the way home we stopped at Staples for some lamps. (We left them all behind in Vancouver. My niece loves them.) After that we stopped at Parrishes for Bread. Only place in town that I know of that sells Harpers Honey wheat bread. Good stuff! Only 65 cents a loaf too. Now we're home and this week seems to be give mom a hard time week. Hopefully I can have some time now to do a few scrap pages. Because as far as the boys go I GIVE UP!

Oh and before I go don't forget to stop by the Butternug Squash Store and check out The sale Christy is having in honor of Henry turning 3! Everything is 30% off! till October 22nd.
Also my pal Melany has made these really cool Brass Christmas Elements that she is giving away FREE!
And to my family in Hawaii. I Love You! Be Safe. God Bless!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

So much for a nap

The escrow papers arrived and it was off to meet with Phil and the mobil Notary. Then to the Fedx drop off at Kinkos. Well that nightmare is apparently over. Pray it is folks! Pray Hard!
Then I took the boys to McDonalds for lunch and then to the Farr's Ice Cream factory for and ice cream cone. Yeah, I know expect tummy aches and gas later but is was soooo good. Now I'm going to go do some paper scrapping before Francis had Boy Scouts.


Yep this morning was the book sale at the Pocatello Library. Talk about crowded. The books were only 25cents and 50cents. Now that's what I call a deal. We were parked out front before 8am since we had to take Phil to work this morning and he works across from the library. The sale didn't even start till 9am. The boys got a bunch of books and a 3D puzzle! Of course the whining is getting to me now. It shows that the kids got up at 6:30am. I even got a book for myself and some science books for homeschool. And it cost us only 12 dollars! Now that's a DEAL! I'm going to make the boys take a nap now before I have to strangle someone. OH! And no Escrow papers yet. Just twiddling my thumbs and waiting. Heck I'm going to take a nap too.

Friday, October 13, 2006

OK enough with hiding

I just have no idea where to start. The stress of trying to close this escrow is killing me. I mean it litterally! If you ever get a mortgage don't get it with New Century. They jerked the escrow company around untill today the day escrow was SUPPOSED TO CLOSE!!! Of course yesterday Phil talked to about a dozen people there and they all said someone else handled it untill the last person said the first person he talked to was the person to talk to! So we sent them around a 120 requests via fax. Think that got their attention. At least it had to have used a lot of ink or toner up. So now I can't find a Notary that works on Saturday. It's Pocatello folks where the sidewalks get put away on the weekends. Well at least I see the end in sight. I'll be gald to get rid of New Century.
Aside from that piece of annoyance today was abslutely gorgeeeeouuus! The homeschoolers had a hike today and I actually survived the 2 hours out there. I hurt now but it was so wonderful out there today. The Chiropractor appointment this morning probably had a lot to do with it though.I took about a hundred pictures. I'll edit this and insert them so you can see what a wonderful fall day it was today.
OK I'm back and here is a few of the pictures from today. Probably one of the last great days of fall.

Other than that for the immediate past I have sooo much more I really would like to write about. My pal Christy has some great new kits out too. One is Fun in Flannel. A nice warm fun kit that I used for these layouts. I just hope the photos end up where I want them. I really hate the restrictivness of this Blogger Beta.
Have Bear...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Then there's this fun one from a few years ago when Vancouver, Washington had that big snow.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She also had another kit called Scarborough Faire. You might have noticed the blinkie for it in the sidebar. I managed to find this photo from Oregon Craft and Floral years ago. And the castle in the Christmas room.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now I'm going to finish with the photo download and get those posted before I go pick Phil up from work.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I've been Tagged!

OKAY! I've been tagged a few times now so I guess I should do my list of seven songs.
"List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal/blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to."
I think video player is a good indication of what I'm into right now though.

1. Held by Natalie Grant
2. 2 sets of Jones' by Big Tent Revival
3. You and Me by Lifehouse
4. 100 Years by Five for Fighting
5. Bless the Broken Road by Selah
6. Remember Me by Mark Schultz
7. Come to Jesus by Kenneth Cope

Now who shall I tag? That hasn't been tagged yet...
1. Elizabeth she has a myspace account.
2. Heidi St. John
3. Tracy
4. Oh I don't know! I'll find 4 more people. All you bloggers out there watch out! here I come. Oh I know! Sandie
5. I think Lisa might have a blog.
6. I don't know I'm really out of names now!