Monday, September 29, 2008

A Day in the 'Tater Patch

Yep, you read that right. Today was Potato Gleaning Day! At least for this bunch of homeschoolers. This time we got to see the machinery that turns the rows up pretty close. Then I got some pictures of the harvester dumping the 'tater's into the truck.
Sorry for the fuzzy picture but it was through the dust windshield of my friends van.

I'll post them in a few here. I just hope the aren't blurry. I couldn't stop sneezing. Any whoo, we got us 3 big burlap sacks of potatoes and another half that will go to another family in the church. They both lost their jobs and are out of work so it will help out some. This year we found some HUGE ones too.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

One of Those Days

I guess it was bound to happen sometime soon. I think I just have to let Bryce take a little break. I've been pushing him and pushing him now that he's been doing so good on his reading. Today we've just been butting heads over his lesson. I think it's been working up to this for the last week the way he's been goofing off more, and more while we do his lessons. Today was just in the works I guess. So now I have him laying down for a nap and maybe tomorrow we will do better. Well that's been my day so far how has yours been?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Latte Yum!

So this morning I used my new Soy Quick soymilk maker to make some lattes for us. Can I say YUMMM! Just a few coffee beans and 2 measures of soybeans. 15 minutes later we just added a little simple syrup to sweeten it up a little. My new favorite drink. Matter of fact I need to soak waaay more soybeans since I think I'll be making this tomorrow morning too. Did I mention I'm really loving this new soymilk maker? Because I am. Coffee 3

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Soy Milk Maker!

Today I got my new soy milk maker. I waited all day and it would figure that I was the last delivery today for the UPS driver. Isn't that always the case! I know, I know I'm really poor right now, but it was a gift.
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First I tried making some rice milk, and the texture was much better than the SDZ5 which is my old one. I'm still not big on the end product, but it does make me wonder what the big manufactures do to make is seem less glutinous. Kinda of suspicious isn't it? Now that I know what the real deal is like compared to the secret processed milk.
So next I jumped into making a batch of soy milk. Just so happens I like to keep a supply of soaked re-hydrated beans in the fridge ready for the next batch of milk. All you need to do is give them a good rinse, and toss them into the pitcher with the water. Put the top on and push the button for soy milk. 15 minutes later I had soy milk. I just poured the milk through a hand strainer (which comes with the maker) and the milk was done. First thing I noticed is the color and texture of the soy milk was really milky. I love the milk that my SDZ5 made, but WOW! Silk Soy eat your heart out. Add some chopped dates and even more WOW! Well I'm going to be making soy milk more often. Like almost every night now compared to 2 or 3 times a week. I really want to try the Soy Latte. Just add some coffee beans to the mix it says. Well I'm all for trying that. Think I'll do that tomorrow morning for my coffee. Oh and also on my list of too try is making some milk from oats.
Oh, did I mention that this machine is filterless. Really nice, makes for a faster easier clean up. The top starts out looking the same but it has a blender guard that has big holes in it and no bottom. The guard just slips right off everything scrubs up really easy and fast. It was all cleaned up in a matter of minutes. No filter to scrub and make sure it was cleaned good. Just run the milk through the hand strainer that's provided with the machine. You don't even have to worry about another pitcher or container to strain the milk into. It comes with that too! I thought my SDZ5 was the greatest, it figures the only thing that could do better is also made by Soy Quick. I highly recommend you give the NEW 2009 Soymilk Maker 930P by SoyQuick a try you'll be hooked for sure.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The News Coverage

Channel 6 news

Channel 8 news

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ice Comes to Chubbuck!

More to come after the press conference.
Well I guess football is more important than our kids. I mean pigskin football not soccer. (for my foreign friends) Any way channel 8 and 6 did come down and shoot some footage. We had the Mayor there and Senator's Diane Bilyue, and James Ruchetti.(sorry James I really bad at spelling your last name) They got to ride the Zamboni's around a bit too.
Come this winter we will have an outdoor ice rink! Hopefully this will bring in more attention and some major donations. The Zamboni's were purchased with funding from the Charlotte Mason Foundation, and hopefully other foundations out there will feel encouraged to help fund an ice rink with a compressor, and boards next. The end goal is to one day have an enclosed ice rink where the kids can play ice hockey year round. Wouldn't that be awesome. So I guess we are taking a break from baseball for a bit. After all Phil is now on the Chubbuck Hockey Association Board, and he found the Zamboni's in Canada for the Association. I'll post some pictures later and the video of the news coverage.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is Just Wishful Thinking? Or Have I Changed Some?

I've noticed so far this school year that Bryce, and I are interacting very differently. Is it just my imagination? I feel like I've been more patient with him and he seems to be more patient with me. I mean today was one of those not so good days, and yet??? I think I handled the problem a lot more different than I would have a year ago. Matter of fact different than I would have a few months ago. Could I have finally had that break through I keep praying for? Will I be laughing at the whole idea of having gained some patients by next month. I sure hope not!!! I've been kind of liking this so far. Now if I can just get control of the laundry and my desk I'll be just where I need to be. Happy