Monday, September 22, 2008

New Soy Milk Maker!

Today I got my new soy milk maker. I waited all day and it would figure that I was the last delivery today for the UPS driver. Isn't that always the case! I know, I know I'm really poor right now, but it was a gift.
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First I tried making some rice milk, and the texture was much better than the SDZ5 which is my old one. I'm still not big on the end product, but it does make me wonder what the big manufactures do to make is seem less glutinous. Kinda of suspicious isn't it? Now that I know what the real deal is like compared to the secret processed milk.
So next I jumped into making a batch of soy milk. Just so happens I like to keep a supply of soaked re-hydrated beans in the fridge ready for the next batch of milk. All you need to do is give them a good rinse, and toss them into the pitcher with the water. Put the top on and push the button for soy milk. 15 minutes later I had soy milk. I just poured the milk through a hand strainer (which comes with the maker) and the milk was done. First thing I noticed is the color and texture of the soy milk was really milky. I love the milk that my SDZ5 made, but WOW! Silk Soy eat your heart out. Add some chopped dates and even more WOW! Well I'm going to be making soy milk more often. Like almost every night now compared to 2 or 3 times a week. I really want to try the Soy Latte. Just add some coffee beans to the mix it says. Well I'm all for trying that. Think I'll do that tomorrow morning for my coffee. Oh and also on my list of too try is making some milk from oats.
Oh, did I mention that this machine is filterless. Really nice, makes for a faster easier clean up. The top starts out looking the same but it has a blender guard that has big holes in it and no bottom. The guard just slips right off everything scrubs up really easy and fast. It was all cleaned up in a matter of minutes. No filter to scrub and make sure it was cleaned good. Just run the milk through the hand strainer that's provided with the machine. You don't even have to worry about another pitcher or container to strain the milk into. It comes with that too! I thought my SDZ5 was the greatest, it figures the only thing that could do better is also made by Soy Quick. I highly recommend you give the NEW 2009 Soymilk Maker 930P by SoyQuick a try you'll be hooked for sure.
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