Sunday, July 06, 2014

So Much for Sock Madness

I didn't make it past the third round. That's okay I hated the sock and haven't finished it yet. Not sure what to do since I don't want the yarn to go to waste. Guess it will be sleeping socks. I was so excited to try sock madness and this year it was all inexperienced designers for most of the socks. Really bad pattern writing and gauge? OMG! 15 rows to the inch? Just happened to be her choice of yarn not a standard but more like lace. Then she determined how much by taking her sock which had been done with 20 rounds and weighed it to change it to 40 rounds!  Turns out we all ran out of yarn some were able to get more before the time was up.  I couldn't since I bought the last too spools.  So I have odd colored toes.  Guess that's okay since I still have to rip them out and make them shorter.  WHO! in the world does a test pattern for 20 round legs in a lace yarn and then decides they want it to bee 40 so weighs it to add yardage to a pattern?  Then shows everyone in the world of Ravelry the pictures of the 20 rounds for the pattern???  Talk about false advertising!

 Yesh, then the third round was rainbow pipes... well they are like clown socks and not clear enough that I have the button on the wrong side for one sock and wasted a mini skein I really wanted to use for some fingerless gloves.  Those are the ones I need to finish.  Just if the heels were both the same color I would probably like them better.  So sock madness was a bust this year.  Don't know if I want to do next year.  Maybe for the patterns but this year left such a bad taste in my mouth and made my carpel tunnel worse.  I just don't know. We will see.