Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I just love this site. I had 3 gianormous leftover baked potatoes so before they went bad I figured I needed to make something with them. I already did twice baked potatoes last week. Then I got this great idea! Baked Potato Soup!!! I asked the boys what they thought and they were like YEAH! so I poked around on line for a good recipe. For one it was going to have to use bacon in the recipe. I had 3 strips of thick cut bacon leftover and it would be perfect. I also used my homemade soy milk and vegetable broth (had to save my chicken broth for other meals). Then I took my hand blender and gave the potatoes a few jolts. Just enough to break them up a little. I still wanted some nice chunks in it. OH MY! It was sooooo yummy! You just have to give this recipe a try.
Oh, and I do still have one potato left. Maybe I'll just eat it cold. mmmmmm
Baked Potato Soup

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This is sooooo not fair!!!

OK I have to complain. Not a bad complain, a good complain, MAYBE! My friend Kathy started me on this blog "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman", which in some ways this will be better for you than it has been for me. It started off as a story about how she met her husband "Marlboro Man" (as she calls him). Just leading us on with one episode after another, just a tease here and a little more there. BLAH! Well this has been going on for WEEKS now. I swear I'm going to go crazy if she keeps this up. It is better than any soap opera I have ever watched. Way better than "Who Shot JR" or Flamingo Road or Knotts Landing. Start at part one and hope and pray she finishes the story before you get to the last episode, or you'll go crazy too! The suspense is just way too much for me I just had to share this with you all so you can join in the hundreds of others screaming for more. OK done with the fit, sorry if I put you in the same situation. heehee! I just had to have someone else I know screaming for more too. haha! Let me know if your hooked too.
Confessions of a Pioneer Woman » Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: A Love Story

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kailua High School - Class of 1982

Class Report
This is for all my classmates. There is a new site that is FREE! All they ask is if you can afford it to donate and help keep the site going. So for everyone that is like dishing out the bucks like was at or go get registered. Theresa has volunteered to be admin for the site. So far Ian Benouis, Chris Connely, Colleen and Seth Connell, Ruby Lui, Bernie Solomon, The Reis Moniz Brothers, Kurt Hutchison, Jim Jackson, David Morse, Kehaulani Asing, and lots more have found the site. So come join us! Let everyone know about it too!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy Busy Busy!

Well I had a great time while my mom was here. I really hated to take her to Salt Lake Airport. Now it seems just a little oh I don't know empty. Yeah I would say there's a little empty spot in our lives here. I know the boys really miss her too.
On the homeschool front we have started the Mystery of History curriculum. I ssssoooooo lack in the history department. I'm finding this really pretty easy to do. Of course the hardest part so far has been finding the laminating sheets today. I ended up going out and buying more. By golly I'm going to do this time line right! LOL!
Then I have like hundreds of photos to go through and scrap too. I think it's easier when you get a kit or 2 each week to work with, but when you get behind have three totally awesome designers and like 923754 photos it gets to be just a bit much. I feel so overwhelmed looking at all of it and needing to get some layouts done.
I just would like to find some nice down time and be able to scrap, read, and sew. Just leave the school work out. even though we had 2 weeks off for my mom being here we still did school work. I just hope I can pull of my half of the job. The boys are really doing a great job. Bryce is really putting up the effort of trying to read on his own and Francis is trying to do more than he can handle. I actually found myself telling him tonight to slow it down and not burn himself out. I just hope this week is as great as last week. We will just have to see. I'll try to keep up more on my posting too. Really I'll try.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Christy's Blog

I could write that it's snowing again. I could write about mom leaving. I could write about her visit. I could even write about what we're doing in homeschool, but I'm going to link you to my friend Christy's Blog for a very important message.