Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy Busy Busy!

Well I had a great time while my mom was here. I really hated to take her to Salt Lake Airport. Now it seems just a little oh I don't know empty. Yeah I would say there's a little empty spot in our lives here. I know the boys really miss her too.
On the homeschool front we have started the Mystery of History curriculum. I ssssoooooo lack in the history department. I'm finding this really pretty easy to do. Of course the hardest part so far has been finding the laminating sheets today. I ended up going out and buying more. By golly I'm going to do this time line right! LOL!
Then I have like hundreds of photos to go through and scrap too. I think it's easier when you get a kit or 2 each week to work with, but when you get behind have three totally awesome designers and like 923754 photos it gets to be just a bit much. I feel so overwhelmed looking at all of it and needing to get some layouts done.
I just would like to find some nice down time and be able to scrap, read, and sew. Just leave the school work out. even though we had 2 weeks off for my mom being here we still did school work. I just hope I can pull of my half of the job. The boys are really doing a great job. Bryce is really putting up the effort of trying to read on his own and Francis is trying to do more than he can handle. I actually found myself telling him tonight to slow it down and not burn himself out. I just hope this week is as great as last week. We will just have to see. I'll try to keep up more on my posting too. Really I'll try.
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