Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I just love this site. I had 3 gianormous leftover baked potatoes so before they went bad I figured I needed to make something with them. I already did twice baked potatoes last week. Then I got this great idea! Baked Potato Soup!!! I asked the boys what they thought and they were like YEAH! so I poked around on line for a good recipe. For one it was going to have to use bacon in the recipe. I had 3 strips of thick cut bacon leftover and it would be perfect. I also used my homemade soy milk and vegetable broth (had to save my chicken broth for other meals). Then I took my hand blender and gave the potatoes a few jolts. Just enough to break them up a little. I still wanted some nice chunks in it. OH MY! It was sooooo yummy! You just have to give this recipe a try.
Oh, and I do still have one potato left. Maybe I'll just eat it cold. mmmmmm
Baked Potato Soup

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