Thursday, May 31, 2007


I found a new video player. It works much better than and it fits without playing with the code! So much for VideoCure, I give up with that one. Finetune lets you have a max of 3 songs per ARTIST! Up to 45 Songs!!! I'm all for it! Oh and the cherry on top it shuffles the music everytime you start it up. Check it out!

Guest CT Gig This Month

Credits:Kit is Popsicle Punch, Quirky Word Tags from Quirktionary 1 Shakesperean by Michelle Godin at Scrapbook Graphics. Vintage frame is by Nancy Comelab. Quirky Month Tab by Poppy Andrews. String on tag from Grace Bennette. Dropshadow from Traci Murphy.

My first layout for my guest spot on Michelle Godin's Creative Team. I never thought that I would use those fairy wings on a layout. Then I saw this photo of Madeline goofing off on a swing. Tell me doesn't it look like she's flying? Her sweater and the wings match so perfect too. I did the whole layout with Michelle's new kit Popsicle Punch, and her Quirktionary 2 kit. So how'd I do with a girly layout.

Monday, May 28, 2007

AHHHHH! I Made It For A Second Time!

Natural Designs in Scrapbooking has one of my layouts on it's main homepage for this week. Each week they choose 5 layouts of the week and this is the second time I've had a layout make it. I see all these awesome layouts out there and just can't see any of mine being even close to them, and yet they actually thought this layout good enough to put on the main page. This is one of the pages I've made for Mike and Becca's wedding book. I'm so jazzed that now I know I'll get this book done. It's taken me awhile but it'll be done. I love you Mike and Becca!

Here is the layout!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

I haven't announced it yet but...

I'm on a second Creative Team!! That's right the lady with a full plate just made it fuller. LOL! I'm not only creating layouts for Christy at Butternug Squash Designs but now am creating layouts for Shandy Vogt! You can find her store at Isn't that awesome?!?!?!

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chills blog

I found the most amaaaaazing blog today. She has some really awesome layouts I'm just going to have to lift!
chills blog

Thursday, May 10, 2007

You know Bryce is sick when

he doesn't run off to his computer to play games. Doesn't eat his favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner. He woke up Tuesday not feeling well and with a raging fever. Thursday he woke up and said his neck hurt and had no voice. Hooray for something. LOL! So off to the doctors we went. Turns out they say it's the virus that causes croup in infants. Since he's older he has a larger air passage and there for is just plain old miserable. Francis has been sick too and not getting better either. Same virus it seems. Hopefully by Monday it will have run it's course and they'll be back to normal and Francis will be off to baseball practice. I'll be able to go to the gym again, and life will be back to it's abnormal self.