Friday, October 31, 2008

Boy Scout Coffee Anyone???

Yeah that's right Boy Scout Coffee. Francis came home with 36 bags of coffee at $10 a bag. There's Sumatra, Sumatra Decaf, Chocolate, Amaretto, Hawaiian Hazelnut, Irish Cream, and French Vanilla. Now for my dear friends and FAMILY email me if you want some. Yes that is a big hint Aunty Terry, Grandma Cherie.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hi There!

Here I am again the worlds worst blogger. Why is it when I think I'll actually have a Saturday to get things done suddenly it's like filled to the max? So turns out Francis had his Scouting for Food Day today. That's where all the Boy Scouts collect food for the local food bank, which happens to have had some pretty barren shelves up until today, then they box it up for them too. Load it up into some big, huge army trucks and haul it down to the food bank. There I sat going I'll stay home with Bryce. NOT! I completely forgot about the Family Connection Day at church! So at noon we headed over and had some fun. I took some great pictures too. Which reminds me I need to get those burned onto a disk for Pastor Josh tonight. So now I have not 2 boys in the house but 4! Yep they have two friends spending the night. Then tomorrow they will go to church with us. Yeah, that was supposed to be my quiet Saturday. LOL!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Costco is HERE!

Finally at long last today was the grand opening of the Costco here in town. The kids and I spent the afternoon checking it out, and tasting all the food samples. There were so many samples the bottomless pit actually got full! I know I wasn't going to buy anything but I caved when I saw bathroom globe light bulbs for $3.49. It was a special deal with the power company that gave you an instant $7.00 off at the register. Then there was real, I mean REAL Parmesan cheese! Also there's the price of gas at the Costco pump! So I dished out the $50.00 for the renewal fee. Now I have to go back, and get socks for Francis. So that when he goes snow camping with scouts he has the right socks. I also have to take one of my empty containers of flax sprout powder, and ask them to get. That way my mom doesn't have to ship it to me from Hawaii all the time. Yippeee! Costco is Here!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Vegan Lasagna

I know I may have used regular cheese, but it was good. To tell you the truth I think I would have done better to just leave the cheese out. Only I just have to have cheese! Check out the blog The Thrifty Soaper and her thrifty ideas.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Did the title tell it all? I have been in so much pain today. I just hope I get Bryce's reading lesson done. It's days like this that I feel like I'm lacking as a homeschool mom. I think I'm going to have them watch the history series that I have been recording by David Barton. If you ever get a chance you need to watch this series on TBN, on Wednesdays. Yes TBN actually has something other than preachers preaching. They even have some really good movies that I've watched on there. So don't let your pre-conceived ideas get in the way. Ugh! Yep American Heritage it is.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Were'd Fall Go???

I tell you we had one week that really seemed like fall and now the weather man says SNOW!!! Geez, guess I better go pick the rest of those green tomatoes and get them pickled. Phil and I don't care for fried green tomatoes so that's out. But pickled they are to die for! Those and maybe I'll make a relish out of those zucchini I found as big as my thigh. UGH! Tonight I'm making a vegan or vegetarian at least lasagna. I just haven't found a decent cheese replacement in this town so I will stick to just regular cheese for that part. Though I did make the tofu recotta myself.
Any ways I'm going to leave the acorn squash and the butternut squash just a little longer on the vine. So long as it doesn't snow till Saturday afternoon they should be fine. Then I'll have to bring them inside to finish ripening on the counter. Next year we are going to have a waaaay bigger garden though. So much for summer and fall, I guess winter is here!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's a Giveaway!

The Values Driven Family Site it doing a giveaway. They are getting their home ready for sale and are de-cluttering. So they have some great homeschool, and values driven items that their giving away if you comment on their blog today or Friday! If your a homeschooler visiting then head on over and check it out.

Is it Just ME?!

Or is the world full of flakes? This is the second time I have put this stupid Omnichord up for auction and then in big letters I say "I SHIP ONLY TO THE U.S., MILITARY, AND TERRITORIES!" I don't know what the deal is maybe some people can't read well enough to have an ebay account. They bid and win the stupid thing and they're in Australia!!! I emailed them told them ok if you want it it's going to cost like a total of $60.00USD to ship it too you. That's like $250.00 AUS. So do you really want it? Do they respond? Can they have the decency to say oops sorry my mistake. NO! They just don't answer, don't respond. Just pretend you never got those emails and the seller will go away. Give me a break!!! Just tell me so I can give the next person who bid a second chance offer, before they buy a different one. NOOO, the just let it sit for a week till I fill a non paying bidder claim, then I'm stuck waiting another week before I can relist. Way too late for a second chance offer. Man this guy better not flake. I will scream!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rice Milk Test 2

Ok, I admit I was too tired to comeback and tell you how my little test turned out. I got this great idea that converted rice tends to be harder and less starchy soooo... I got the idea that maybe that would make a better rice milk. Well this time the Soy Quick didn't boil over right away, but it still ended up boiling over. The end result was still the same goopy gloppy mess. I know it says in the book to use the multi grain button, but I'm thinking it is taking a lot more time heating the slurry than it does soy. Maybe next time I will use the soy button. It just seems like the rice milk is being over heated and cooked too long. I'll report after that test.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Shoe String Budget

With the ever increasing prices in addition to the fact I have less and less money to buy groceries with this economy is going to kill me. Remember I said that so that my family can sue Wall Street for being the cause of my death OK.
Any way I managed to get almost everything I need for meals this week on just over $13.00. Yep you heard me right. With Phil now driving all the way up to Idaho Falls it is costing more than we have. Actually the real killer was the first month that was costing a fortune that put us in a pretty deep hole. Now he's part of a different carpool and it's costing us considerably less so we're now clawing our way out of that hole. If we can just pull off another 2 to 4 weeks we should be out of it. Just pray, pray real hard that nothing goes haywire. In the mean time I plan on digging up a lot of dollar friendly meals to serve up. Hey, I may not be Ree the Pioneer Woman, but I'll at least post the recipes on the cooking blog. Then those who need that type of recipes can find them, and hopefully give their budget the much needed boost.