Saturday, October 04, 2008

Shoe String Budget

With the ever increasing prices in addition to the fact I have less and less money to buy groceries with this economy is going to kill me. Remember I said that so that my family can sue Wall Street for being the cause of my death OK.
Any way I managed to get almost everything I need for meals this week on just over $13.00. Yep you heard me right. With Phil now driving all the way up to Idaho Falls it is costing more than we have. Actually the real killer was the first month that was costing a fortune that put us in a pretty deep hole. Now he's part of a different carpool and it's costing us considerably less so we're now clawing our way out of that hole. If we can just pull off another 2 to 4 weeks we should be out of it. Just pray, pray real hard that nothing goes haywire. In the mean time I plan on digging up a lot of dollar friendly meals to serve up. Hey, I may not be Ree the Pioneer Woman, but I'll at least post the recipes on the cooking blog. Then those who need that type of recipes can find them, and hopefully give their budget the much needed boost.

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