Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This has not been a fun day

It's been a day full of mixed emotions. I will write this up when I have a chance and post it for you. Right now the brains are kind of foggy for us.
I wrote down our Tuesday for those that are still wondering what happened.

This morning I was doing the hit the snooze button thing with my alarm clock when the phone rang. When I answered I heard this gasping sound. Turns out it was my mother in law. She just kept repeating my name, in this gasping way. The hazard lights turned on in my brain and I KNEW something was wrong. At first I thought it was Phil’s step dad Herb, but then she started repeating Chris, Chris. Chris is dead. What!? Dead!? No bad joke! Not funny as far as I was concerned. So I asked what happened. Did he have and accident?
“No” she said “he died in his sleep.”
Right then I told her I had to hang up and call Phil. “Your going to call Phil?” she asked me like she didn’t understand what I said.
“Yes, I’m calling Phil”
So we hung up and I called Phil’s cell phone. Left a message, then a pager number with 911 on it, and started the ring the phone hang up ring again till he answered. It was not the type of news anyone wants to give their spouse. Phil called his mom then his work sent him home. Talk about a loooooong day. Bryce still had a baseball game to play so we went and watched that. In the mean time Phil called the mortgage company and asked to have our escrow signing moved up. Good thing too. Turns out the funeral arraignments were made for Thursday morning. This meant that we had to leave for Portland ASAP. We took the van in for an oil change, went to the escrow signing, and purchased drinks and food for the drive to Portland. We got the dishes washed so no icky dishes when we get back, and washed clothes to pack. By the time everything was ready it was 3am, and off to Portland we went. More on that adventure later.

Friday will never get here!

After Friday we can breath easy about the house purchase. But until then I'm terrified I'll be stuck renting this stinky old place for another year. So everybody! Pray! Pray real hard that all goes well!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Yep still up

I'm still up and wondering how the day went for Francis and Phil. Talk about getting a bad nights sleep. I couldn't sleep last night because I was so worried the boys wouldn't wake up to meet the rest of the den to go up to the camp grounds. Never fear here comes Francis at 5am, a good 15 minutes before Phil's alarm went off. Never the less I still didn't go to sleep till after they left at 10 to 6. Then I had to get up at 7 am to get Bryce up fed, and ready for his baseball game. Never fear here comes Bryce right at 7am to make sure I got up. Where would we be with out these wonderful little guys. LOL! So if your wondering technically we don't keep a win loss score, but Bryce's team lost again. These little guys and gals are all new to Tiger Ball league so the scales have been just a little uneven for them. Their having a great time playing ball though which is all that matters.
Today Bryce and I cashed in my points at Subway for a foot long sandwich, and then I took him for a shaved ice.(yeah that's right here in Chubbuck we have REAL! Hawaiian Shaved Ice! Not that fake stuff) It was a cheap date with mom paying. Heehee: The rest of today was spent just lazing around Bryce played on his computer, and I have so far washed too many dishes and still have a ton more to go. Then we grilled up some hotdogs for Bryce and me for dinner. Along with that I grilled up some eggplant , and zucchini for me. While I had the items out I threw together a Caponata yummy. Then Bryce wanted cookies so I made some of my famous Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies for him. The little booger changed his mind then and wanted soft pretzels. Now I'm pooped out and have another busy day tomorrow. I will sleep in though this time.
Oh, and so long as nothing blows up on us this next week we will be closing on our house next Friday Yaaa! We are so broke right now with all our money into this and paying bills. At least after this the payments will be for our own house not someone elses. sheeesh! Well I'm going to go crash maybe if I can stop worrying about Francis and Phil.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Diamond Backs Proved Me Wrong!

Well last night I told Melly that Francis' team the Diamond Backs would lose their game since they won the night before. "It never fails. They always lose the second game when they play 2 in a row." So now I'm eating my words. They almost gave the game away at one point when they were behind by 6 points in the 4th inning at 4 to 10. Then they pulled themselves up by their well you know, and held the other team back and managed to pull of a win by 1 POINT Yep 11 to 10! So I didn't jinx them Melly. LOL!
In the morning Francis leaves super early for scout camp and lucky Phil gets to go. I get to stay home and take Bryce to his baseball game. Lets hope I crawl out of bed early enough on my own. ACK! I guess we will see. Night all long day tomorrow.

Monday, June 11, 2007

2007 ALS DoubleDay Bike Ride

The ALS Association:: "2007 ALS DoubleDay Bike Ride"

My cousin Shari will be riding in this years Double Day Bike Ride. So I'm giving her some free ad time here on my blog. Go by her site and read all about ALS and maybe even sponser her. Thanks!

Which do you like better?

Sometimes I just can't decide if I like something I did.
There's the first one.
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And then there's the second one.
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Which one do you prefer?

New Scrap Collection

As I said in the previous post I'm a guest CT for Michelle Godin this month. woohoo! Any waaaays. She has a new collection out called "Reel Inspiration" Totally awesome papers and alphas. I figured I give it a little push here before I head to bed. I can't wait to do some Pirate Party layouts with the Savvy Papers. I'll post those when I get them done.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Yard Sale Bonanza!

You'll be proud of me to know that I resisted very well. We did pick up some catcher stuff for Bryce. $4 instead of who knows how much. I also picked up a whole set of Childcraft books for just 2 bucks! Yep that was my goal look for books we can use for homeschool. We spent more on Shave Ice later. heehee. It was a nice day for us just enjoying the nice weather and being together. God has been good to us since we've moved here, and we are enjoying it.
No layouts tonight I may do one later on since Michelle Godin has a new one in the works, but I won't be able to post it till she says ok. Talk about designers things are getting slow since all my designers are taking off this week. That's fine with me I need to start working on cleaning and packing this place up for moving. I just don't know when the move is going to happen. Just have to leave that in Gods hands for now. And as I leave you I recommend stop by Christy's blog and read up on her vacation so far. That's the Motherhood Unscripted link.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Well the rest of the day went by pretty good. It rained most of the day but stopped in enough time that Francis got to go to practice. I went to Wal-Mart and got some necessities and some splurges. Most of all I sure hope the lime away works on all the hard water marks around the sinks. If not it's off to Don Aslets. Now it's time to get the house cleaned up for moving. I have to remember to stop by the liquor store and ask for boxes. You know those are perfect for moving. Now the only question is will the sellers be ready to move out at the end of the month or will they be renting the house back from us for another month or two. It has to be either the end of the month since Phil has that week off or else they can stay till August. Phil won't have another week off till the last week in August so we would be moving until then anyway. Just pray that every thing goes smoothly.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Another failed chat

I must be the loser of the century. No one ever shows up for my chats. I don't even know why I bothered to wait to go to the store. I should have just gone. I just spent an hour alone in the chat room. I guess I should spend some time making custom actions so I can bribe people to the chat with a freebie. Though that doesn't even seem to work. I'm feeling like just giving this chat business up. I know next month it's not happening because it sounds like I'll be in the middle of a move and might not have internet connection. I doubt if anyone will miss it. So much for the pity party, I'm going to WalMart!
Well on the bright side things are going along pretty good for then house. I just hope this one gets rented out right away so we won't have to pay the rent on this and a house payment at the same time.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Two More Layouts

and I'm rather pleased with how they turned out.
The paper is from the set Nature Papers, Doodles from the kit Chansey all by Shandy Vogt at Elemental Scraps. Title done with Black Rubon Alphas by Christy Sturm at Butternug Squash.

Kit is Sweltering Summer by Michelle Godin at Scrapbook Graphics. Mask is Photo FX by Shandy Vogt at Elemental Scraps. Title is from Ten Very Random Titles by Jen Wilson

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

OK I know I'm tired

Bryce had his first baseball meeting and practice today then Francis had his game tonight. The last time we played this team the pulverized us but this time the boys held there own. Then they WON! WOOHOOO!
WoohooThe boys did a great job tonight. Tomorrow or should I say today Bryce has his first game at 9am I know don't say it. Then Francis has another game tonight too. Busy busy busy! I just hope I have time to get a layout done. In the mean time I was organizing my layouts when I found one I had done for a scraplift. Call me dense, call me a dork but I forgot which site this challenge was at and who's gallery. Totally DUH! But I'll post it any way.
Kit is Paramount, with Swass Masks all by Shandy Vogt.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

It's a Rendezvous!

Today we took the kids to the mountain man Rendezvous. It was hot and DUSTY! First we went up to Kathy and Denny's house where they gave the kids a review about Mountain Men and what a Rendezvous was all about. Then we headed out to the rendezvous. We got there just as they were starting the kids games. So the boys got to get candy from the Candy Cannon. Yep Candy Cannon, sort of like a pinata just they blow the candy out of a cannon. Then Francis and Bryce did the Three Legged Race. They won bead necklaces from that. Pin The Tail on the Buffalo was a blast too. Then they got rock candy and taffy, with a sugar high on the side. LOL! By then my knees were hurting and it was really hot, and dusty with cotton wood fluff floating around like snow.
We went back to Kathy and Denny's for lunch and spent some time looking at all the things they've been doing to the place. Kathy's garden is starting to really get growing, and Denny is putting in a huge workshop. I just love going up there and looking down over the valley below. And while we were there the humming birds kept showing up at the feeders. They are so cool to watch and their wings make this humming/buzzing sound. Then we headed back home to maybe meet with the realestate agent. We'll do that tomorrow after church. I'll keep you updated on the house sale in the mean time. That's it for tonight.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Elemental Scraps Newest Designer! Shandy Vogt!

Elemental Scraps has some new designers and Shandy it one of them. She has some new stuff just for the opening of her store. You won't find it at her other store so stop by and check it out.