Friday, June 15, 2007

Yep still up

I'm still up and wondering how the day went for Francis and Phil. Talk about getting a bad nights sleep. I couldn't sleep last night because I was so worried the boys wouldn't wake up to meet the rest of the den to go up to the camp grounds. Never fear here comes Francis at 5am, a good 15 minutes before Phil's alarm went off. Never the less I still didn't go to sleep till after they left at 10 to 6. Then I had to get up at 7 am to get Bryce up fed, and ready for his baseball game. Never fear here comes Bryce right at 7am to make sure I got up. Where would we be with out these wonderful little guys. LOL! So if your wondering technically we don't keep a win loss score, but Bryce's team lost again. These little guys and gals are all new to Tiger Ball league so the scales have been just a little uneven for them. Their having a great time playing ball though which is all that matters.
Today Bryce and I cashed in my points at Subway for a foot long sandwich, and then I took him for a shaved ice.(yeah that's right here in Chubbuck we have REAL! Hawaiian Shaved Ice! Not that fake stuff) It was a cheap date with mom paying. Heehee: The rest of today was spent just lazing around Bryce played on his computer, and I have so far washed too many dishes and still have a ton more to go. Then we grilled up some hotdogs for Bryce and me for dinner. Along with that I grilled up some eggplant , and zucchini for me. While I had the items out I threw together a Caponata yummy. Then Bryce wanted cookies so I made some of my famous Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies for him. The little booger changed his mind then and wanted soft pretzels. Now I'm pooped out and have another busy day tomorrow. I will sleep in though this time.
Oh, and so long as nothing blows up on us this next week we will be closing on our house next Friday Yaaa! We are so broke right now with all our money into this and paying bills. At least after this the payments will be for our own house not someone elses. sheeesh! Well I'm going to go crash maybe if I can stop worrying about Francis and Phil.
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