Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Diamond Backs Proved Me Wrong!

Well last night I told Melly that Francis' team the Diamond Backs would lose their game since they won the night before. "It never fails. They always lose the second game when they play 2 in a row." So now I'm eating my words. They almost gave the game away at one point when they were behind by 6 points in the 4th inning at 4 to 10. Then they pulled themselves up by their well you know, and held the other team back and managed to pull of a win by 1 POINT Yep 11 to 10! So I didn't jinx them Melly. LOL!
In the morning Francis leaves super early for scout camp and lucky Phil gets to go. I get to stay home and take Bryce to his baseball game. Lets hope I crawl out of bed early enough on my own. ACK! I guess we will see. Night all long day tomorrow.
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