Tuesday, June 05, 2007

OK I know I'm tired

Bryce had his first baseball meeting and practice today then Francis had his game tonight. The last time we played this team the pulverized us but this time the boys held there own. Then they WON! WOOHOOO!
WoohooThe boys did a great job tonight. Tomorrow or should I say today Bryce has his first game at 9am I know don't say it. Then Francis has another game tonight too. Busy busy busy! I just hope I have time to get a layout done. In the mean time I was organizing my layouts when I found one I had done for a scraplift. Call me dense, call me a dork but I forgot which site this challenge was at and who's gallery. Totally DUH! But I'll post it any way.
Kit is Paramount, with Swass Masks all by Shandy Vogt.
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