Saturday, June 09, 2007

Yard Sale Bonanza!

You'll be proud of me to know that I resisted very well. We did pick up some catcher stuff for Bryce. $4 instead of who knows how much. I also picked up a whole set of Childcraft books for just 2 bucks! Yep that was my goal look for books we can use for homeschool. We spent more on Shave Ice later. heehee. It was a nice day for us just enjoying the nice weather and being together. God has been good to us since we've moved here, and we are enjoying it.
No layouts tonight I may do one later on since Michelle Godin has a new one in the works, but I won't be able to post it till she says ok. Talk about designers things are getting slow since all my designers are taking off this week. That's fine with me I need to start working on cleaning and packing this place up for moving. I just don't know when the move is going to happen. Just have to leave that in Gods hands for now. And as I leave you I recommend stop by Christy's blog and read up on her vacation so far. That's the Motherhood Unscripted link.
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