Saturday, June 02, 2007

It's a Rendezvous!

Today we took the kids to the mountain man Rendezvous. It was hot and DUSTY! First we went up to Kathy and Denny's house where they gave the kids a review about Mountain Men and what a Rendezvous was all about. Then we headed out to the rendezvous. We got there just as they were starting the kids games. So the boys got to get candy from the Candy Cannon. Yep Candy Cannon, sort of like a pinata just they blow the candy out of a cannon. Then Francis and Bryce did the Three Legged Race. They won bead necklaces from that. Pin The Tail on the Buffalo was a blast too. Then they got rock candy and taffy, with a sugar high on the side. LOL! By then my knees were hurting and it was really hot, and dusty with cotton wood fluff floating around like snow.
We went back to Kathy and Denny's for lunch and spent some time looking at all the things they've been doing to the place. Kathy's garden is starting to really get growing, and Denny is putting in a huge workshop. I just love going up there and looking down over the valley below. And while we were there the humming birds kept showing up at the feeders. They are so cool to watch and their wings make this humming/buzzing sound. Then we headed back home to maybe meet with the realestate agent. We'll do that tomorrow after church. I'll keep you updated on the house sale in the mean time. That's it for tonight.
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