Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This has not been a fun day

It's been a day full of mixed emotions. I will write this up when I have a chance and post it for you. Right now the brains are kind of foggy for us.
I wrote down our Tuesday for those that are still wondering what happened.

This morning I was doing the hit the snooze button thing with my alarm clock when the phone rang. When I answered I heard this gasping sound. Turns out it was my mother in law. She just kept repeating my name, in this gasping way. The hazard lights turned on in my brain and I KNEW something was wrong. At first I thought it was Phil’s step dad Herb, but then she started repeating Chris, Chris. Chris is dead. What!? Dead!? No bad joke! Not funny as far as I was concerned. So I asked what happened. Did he have and accident?
“No” she said “he died in his sleep.”
Right then I told her I had to hang up and call Phil. “Your going to call Phil?” she asked me like she didn’t understand what I said.
“Yes, I’m calling Phil”
So we hung up and I called Phil’s cell phone. Left a message, then a pager number with 911 on it, and started the ring the phone hang up ring again till he answered. It was not the type of news anyone wants to give their spouse. Phil called his mom then his work sent him home. Talk about a loooooong day. Bryce still had a baseball game to play so we went and watched that. In the mean time Phil called the mortgage company and asked to have our escrow signing moved up. Good thing too. Turns out the funeral arraignments were made for Thursday morning. This meant that we had to leave for Portland ASAP. We took the van in for an oil change, went to the escrow signing, and purchased drinks and food for the drive to Portland. We got the dishes washed so no icky dishes when we get back, and washed clothes to pack. By the time everything was ready it was 3am, and off to Portland we went. More on that adventure later.
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