Friday, July 06, 2007

Little update on me here.

I am so pooped. This house had better rent quick with as much moving that we have done and the weather seems to like hitting 100F. Matter of fact the radio said today was over 100F! The guys are moving boxes and 2 other homeschool moms came to help with the cleaning. We finished sometime after midnight. I sooooo want this to be over. Tomorrow and this part of the nightmare will be over. Then I have to get my dishwasher and microwave installed in the new house. Yipee! Get the kitchen in order and I'm taking a break and scrapping for a week straight! That's my grief therapy. I have a ton of photos my MIL has emailed me that I'll be making a scrapbook for her and SIL. Any who I've got to be up early and at the rental house by 9am. ICK!
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