Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hi There!

Here I am again the worlds worst blogger. Why is it when I think I'll actually have a Saturday to get things done suddenly it's like filled to the max? So turns out Francis had his Scouting for Food Day today. That's where all the Boy Scouts collect food for the local food bank, which happens to have had some pretty barren shelves up until today, then they box it up for them too. Load it up into some big, huge army trucks and haul it down to the food bank. There I sat going I'll stay home with Bryce. NOT! I completely forgot about the Family Connection Day at church! So at noon we headed over and had some fun. I took some great pictures too. Which reminds me I need to get those burned onto a disk for Pastor Josh tonight. So now I have not 2 boys in the house but 4! Yep they have two friends spending the night. Then tomorrow they will go to church with us. Yeah, that was supposed to be my quiet Saturday. LOL!
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