Thursday, October 23, 2008

Costco is HERE!

Finally at long last today was the grand opening of the Costco here in town. The kids and I spent the afternoon checking it out, and tasting all the food samples. There were so many samples the bottomless pit actually got full! I know I wasn't going to buy anything but I caved when I saw bathroom globe light bulbs for $3.49. It was a special deal with the power company that gave you an instant $7.00 off at the register. Then there was real, I mean REAL Parmesan cheese! Also there's the price of gas at the Costco pump! So I dished out the $50.00 for the renewal fee. Now I have to go back, and get socks for Francis. So that when he goes snow camping with scouts he has the right socks. I also have to take one of my empty containers of flax sprout powder, and ask them to get. That way my mom doesn't have to ship it to me from Hawaii all the time. Yippeee! Costco is Here!!!
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