Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Is it Just ME?!

Or is the world full of flakes? This is the second time I have put this stupid Omnichord up for auction and then in big letters I say "I SHIP ONLY TO THE U.S., MILITARY, AND TERRITORIES!" I don't know what the deal is maybe some people can't read well enough to have an ebay account. They bid and win the stupid thing and they're in Australia!!! I emailed them told them ok if you want it it's going to cost like a total of $60.00USD to ship it too you. That's like $250.00 AUS. So do you really want it? Do they respond? Can they have the decency to say oops sorry my mistake. NO! They just don't answer, don't respond. Just pretend you never got those emails and the seller will go away. Give me a break!!! Just tell me so I can give the next person who bid a second chance offer, before they buy a different one. NOOO, the just let it sit for a week till I fill a non paying bidder claim, then I'm stuck waiting another week before I can relist. Way too late for a second chance offer. Man this guy better not flake. I will scream!!!
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