Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ice Comes to Chubbuck!

More to come after the press conference.
Well I guess football is more important than our kids. I mean pigskin football not soccer. (for my foreign friends) Any way channel 8 and 6 did come down and shoot some footage. We had the Mayor there and Senator's Diane Bilyue, and James Ruchetti.(sorry James I really bad at spelling your last name) They got to ride the Zamboni's around a bit too.
Come this winter we will have an outdoor ice rink! Hopefully this will bring in more attention and some major donations. The Zamboni's were purchased with funding from the Charlotte Mason Foundation, and hopefully other foundations out there will feel encouraged to help fund an ice rink with a compressor, and boards next. The end goal is to one day have an enclosed ice rink where the kids can play ice hockey year round. Wouldn't that be awesome. So I guess we are taking a break from baseball for a bit. After all Phil is now on the Chubbuck Hockey Association Board, and he found the Zamboni's in Canada for the Association. I'll post some pictures later and the video of the news coverage.

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