Saturday, October 21, 2006

Gee What happened to yesterday?

I mean it. We dropped Phil off at work again and came home for a few hours. I finally got around to sewing the patches on to Francis' Boy Scout uniform. I still need to get red thread and finish but it's mostly done.
Then we got ready to go to the pumpkin patch. I got a little lost getting there. Turns out I didn't go far enough down Yellowstone. So I went all the way home to double check the directions. Then we went back and found the place. We went through the corn maze. They have a bunch of questions that you need to answer correctly to find your way out. It was fun! I took some pictures. Then when you come out of the maze there were things to make a suet ball pine cone for the birds at home. When we were done with that we went back into the maze to get out. Then the boys picked out some pumpkins for themselves. These were really nice pumpkins too, they had a hard time choosing. Then the owner went to get the $1 pumpkins so Francis and one of the other boys went to help her(she's 2 months pregnant) While they were gone it started to rain a little. It was really weird it was like it started to dump on us then just stopped. The boys got back and everyone helped unload the pumpkins. Francis wanted to take another quick run through the maze so I let him. Then there was this really strong gust of wind, almost Hollywood like. I though uh oh here comes the rain again. WRONG! As I was putting the camera in the car a snowflake went floating past me! It was snow and hail! What kind of combination is that?! And Francis had gone into the maze with not jacket! That will teach him to not listen to mom. Probably not though. So in the snow we ran to Wal-Mart for Chicken Enchilada makings. The snow had stopped by the time I was done shopping. Get this I had $16.50 in my pocket and my total was $16.32! Talk about cutting it close! They didn't have Lawrys enchilada mix either I ended up with can stuff. Any way we went home and I worked on my computer trying to figure out this personal website thing. When that happens I'll move my blog there. Hopefully...
Then Bryce didn't want to take a nap and wanted me to lay with him. So I layed down and next thing I knew Francis is running in going "MOM! We have to go pickup dad!" Where did the afternoon go? So we went and picked Phil up from work. No getting out of making enchiladas the boys insisted I make it. It was OK with the can sauce, but the boys would rather I had made the sauce myself from scratch. Guess I better do that Penzeys order.
Today will be another full day of course half of it is gone now since we slept in and I made a big breakfast. Now I better get finished dressing and get the guys in gear. I got some layouts to do today too so I'll be posting them later.

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Angie said...

wow, Idaho weather, huh? Sounds like fun in the corn maze, though. I've always been frightened of them. . . probably from watching "Children of the Corn" and being somewhat claustrophobic.

Sounds like a fun - but kinda bizarre day!!!