Friday, October 13, 2006

OK enough with hiding

I just have no idea where to start. The stress of trying to close this escrow is killing me. I mean it litterally! If you ever get a mortgage don't get it with New Century. They jerked the escrow company around untill today the day escrow was SUPPOSED TO CLOSE!!! Of course yesterday Phil talked to about a dozen people there and they all said someone else handled it untill the last person said the first person he talked to was the person to talk to! So we sent them around a 120 requests via fax. Think that got their attention. At least it had to have used a lot of ink or toner up. So now I can't find a Notary that works on Saturday. It's Pocatello folks where the sidewalks get put away on the weekends. Well at least I see the end in sight. I'll be gald to get rid of New Century.
Aside from that piece of annoyance today was abslutely gorgeeeeouuus! The homeschoolers had a hike today and I actually survived the 2 hours out there. I hurt now but it was so wonderful out there today. The Chiropractor appointment this morning probably had a lot to do with it though.I took about a hundred pictures. I'll edit this and insert them so you can see what a wonderful fall day it was today.
OK I'm back and here is a few of the pictures from today. Probably one of the last great days of fall.

Other than that for the immediate past I have sooo much more I really would like to write about. My pal Christy has some great new kits out too. One is Fun in Flannel. A nice warm fun kit that I used for these layouts. I just hope the photos end up where I want them. I really hate the restrictivness of this Blogger Beta.
Have Bear...

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Then there's this fun one from a few years ago when Vancouver, Washington had that big snow.

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She also had another kit called Scarborough Faire. You might have noticed the blinkie for it in the sidebar. I managed to find this photo from Oregon Craft and Floral years ago. And the castle in the Christmas room.

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Now I'm going to finish with the photo download and get those posted before I go pick Phil up from work.
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