Tuesday, October 17, 2006

WOW! Don't Faint!

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I'm going to post again! Yeah I know I missed Monday but it was a busy day that I got nothing done in. Let me go back just a little bit to Sunday.
We had a great day Sunday. We got up had breakfast, and made it to church with time to spare! After church they had the clothing exchange. It was great timeing becuase Francis managed to pop the button on his last pair of pants that fit him. It's getting way to cold for shorts so we had planned to go buy him pants after church. I got like 4 pairs of pants for him a nice warm jacket for the winter weather (that we will not be used to.)and a bunch of shirts. For Bryce I got a whole bunch of sweat shirts and a jacket for him too. I even got something for me! Then Phil had this wild idea that we would drive out to American Falls to see what it is like out there. You know what it is? Miles and miles of Potato! Fields! We came home and teriyaki beef for dinner. It was good! Then we went to Wal Mart and spent a hundred dollars on groceries. Well maybe not all of it on groceries. We got each boy a pair of sweat pants, and other sundries. Not bad for a Sunday we only spent 10 bucks on cloths instead of 100 bucks. Oh and the left over teriyaki beef. I dried it and WOW! What great beef jerky it makes. I'm going to have to do more next time so we can have more jerky.

Monday well can you guess? Yep it was Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting ALLLLLL day. Francis is supposed to do the dishes now since that is his Boyscout homework. HA! Funny! Isn't it?Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting So then we had our home bible study group. We have such a great time there. Right now we are studying the book of Nehemiah. Great book for leadership, but I won't go there. After bible group we came home and basicly snacked our way through the kitchen. Which as I sit here still needs to be cleaned up. I know bad mommy!

TODAY I went to get my hair cut. I'll post a picture when I can. Photoshop is being a pain. I think it caught what ever my Paint Shop Pro Photo has. Because it is going sooooo slllloooowwww! First I couldn't find the place. Might have helped if I had looked on the corect side of the street when I passed it. (DUH!) So I went home a googled it. Then I went back out boys in tow to find the place. She wouldn't have room till 1pm so we went to the scrap store for some fall emblies. Then I took the boys to McDonalds. They spent some time playing in the play structure before we had to leave. When we got there the boys had finaly decided that they wanted to have their hair cut too. My hair is short short short. Just it grows so fast I have no choice unless I want to get it cut weekly. Sorry not that rich! Then on the way home we stopped at Staples for some lamps. (We left them all behind in Vancouver. My niece loves them.) After that we stopped at Parrishes for Bread. Only place in town that I know of that sells Harpers Honey wheat bread. Good stuff! Only 65 cents a loaf too. Now we're home and this week seems to be give mom a hard time week. Hopefully I can have some time now to do a few scrap pages. Because as far as the boys go I GIVE UP!

Oh and before I go don't forget to stop by the Butternug Squash Store and check out The sale Christy is having in honor of Henry turning 3! Everything is 30% off! till October 22nd.
Also my pal Melany has made these really cool Brass Christmas Elements that she is giving away FREE!
And to my family in Hawaii. I Love You! Be Safe. God Bless!
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