Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rollerskates and Books

I know odd combination but that's basically what today boiled down to. It was Homeschool Skate Day at the Deleta Skate. I got there and this week was a very active week. There was a charity bake sale going on and one of the moms sells educational puzzles, which she had a bunch of. Another mom brought all her used curriculum in to sell. This was great since I have been looking for a pre-algebra book for Francis. She had one and I bought it for only 3 dollars. Now that's a deal. And then my friend had a bunch of text books that had been donated to her for our homeschool group. She was giving them away for free! So I grabbed an algebra 1 book for when I get the line "I'm bored". I'll just move him up to the next book. heehee. Of course I ended up bringing home a bunch more books to ebay that was left over after the day was over. For some reason I just lost my afternoon. We ran up to the Boyscout office to get one more patch that Francis was missing for his uniform. Then it was home for lunch. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out why this laptop is running so slooooooooow lately when ever I try to do a layout. It's taking me like 2 days to do a layout since each process seems to be taking foreeevvva! It's a little better but still slow.
I made chili for dinner tonight. Then we ran to pick Phil up from work, ran home dropped the boys off, and ran to the Chiropractors for an orientation session. Now it's like midnight and I'm pooped. I think I'm going to bed and just going to have to figure out the laptop thing later. We have to drop Phil off again tomorrow since it is Pumpkin Patch day for the Homeschoolers. I would leave you a layout but it isn't finished especially since to save it took like 20 minutes. I'll finish and post it tomorrow night, along with a few pumpkin patch pictures.
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