Saturday, October 28, 2006

Gee is it Saturday already?

What happened to Friday? I tell you take a few days rest and what happens everything blows up. This morning I was up by 7. Phil had an appointment at the Chiropractors for a massage. So I waited at home with the boys. I woke them up before Phil got back and got breakfast going. Then we dropped Phil off at work, by 9:30. It was a quick jaunt across town to drop off the rent check. Then I stopped by Treasure Valley Coffee for some more coffee beans. Good stuff there. I chatted with the lady there for a bit. Then it was home to get the boys some stuff for when I went in for my massage. I had an hour massage. Talk about wonderful! I had tense muscles I didn't even know about. Then when we got home there was a message from Phil that he had lunch at 1:30. So we, I rested a bit after that wonderful massage, and off again it was. We had a check we had to deposit so that's what we did. There's a place here called Hogi Yogi's that we've been eyeing up so we decided to give it a try for lunch. It was soooo gooood. Dropped Phil off and then I went to a womens ministry meeting. That was fun I can't wait till the womens craft time tomorrow-WAIT-this morning. Then on the way home we checked out the new Dollar Tree that opened TODAY. Right by our house! That cost 30 bucks. By then it was almost time for us to pick up Phil from work. From there it was Wingers for dinner and a stop at Walgreens for some stuff. I had to run by WalMart for yarn and didn't get out of there for under 70 bucks!I just got done making a Sock it to me cake for tomorrow morning. Now I'm going to bed! I have bunches more to write later. OK? Night all.

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