Monday, October 23, 2006

Ready for the Harvest?

Well another weekend gone. Yesterday we did just what I said we would do. We stopped at Parrishes and got Francis his Darth Vader Mask. Special effect sounds and all. While we were there we browesed around and found of all things one of those wine bottle cork pullers that look like a rabbit. Awesome deal only 9 bucks! Then we went off to JoAnne Fabrics for red thread. While we were there we also got some nice fleece with flames on it for the boys head gear that I have to sew still. I have the pattern all drafted out and everything too. Then we came home and I started to work on my paper layout. Then I tried a slice mind you very small slice of apple. BIG MISTAKE! My throat started to swell and all that great allergic reaction stuff. I took one just one Benadryl and talk about getting zonked! I slept for hours! So Phil took Francis to his Boy Scout meeting, and I slept. I finally got up and went downstair and, got my paper scrap layout done for a challenge I'll show them all when the 8 weeks are up. Then is was back to sleep. Man Benadryl puts me all off wack.
This morning we got up late. (Blame the Benadryl) So we went to second service then came home by way of Blockbuster, and got Over the Hedge. It was leftover chili for lunch and then we watched part of Over the Hedge. Then it was time to go back up to Booths Barn.(temporary home of Gate City Christian) To set up for tomorrows Harvest Party. We got that done then came home. I made a Halloween sign for the front door as my bonus point item for the challenge I'm doing. I'm really surprised I've made it this far. With my rubber stamps still missing somewhere in all the boxes downstairs. Thus far all I've done is gel out in front of the tv and knit. That's been about it for today. I think I maybe sleeping on the sofa though. Bryce has commendered my side of the bed with his feet on the pillow. Not sure if it's safe in there. Last thing I need is to be kicked in the head. I'll let you know how the Harvest Party goes tomorrow.
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