Thursday, August 31, 2006

Got the Car Today!

Today we drove Phil to work so we could have the car and run some errands. Did I mention we are now a single car family. Yeah had to leave Phils little puttputt behind. Any how the Pocatello Main Library is like accross the street kitty corner to Phils work. We went in and got Francis a huge! book to read. Gee when did he start reading high school stuff? He's only in 5th grade. Bryce went bonkers and wanted almost every book he could get his hands on. LOL! I need to take advantage of that.
Then we ran around to the dollar stores looking for a toilet bowl brush. Can you belive there was not one to be had! Got a few other cleaning items but nothing really. Can you believe that! At the Dollar Tree at that! I was low on gas and put 10 gallons in. You know that the gas is like 10cents cheaper here than in Washington? It still cost me 30 bucks. OUCH!
The boys were hungry so we stopped at the Eddys Outlet Store to check it out. It is actually the Wonder Bread Outlet. So we got some bread and treats for the boys. We then went home for sandwiches for lunch, and treats after. They actually took naps if you can believe!
Then we ran to Wal-Mart for some things. Yes it is cheaper here for a lot of stuff even at Wal-Mart I could see the price difference. I still didn't get out of there without spending too much money but now I have to take some of the stuff back since they won't work. Can you blelieve that the bathroom has no towl rack! and now shower curtains? I also got the stuff for doing dishes. I'm going to be doing my dishes by hand for awhile again.
At home I made some meatloaf for dinner which turned out delish. I also made mashed potatoes. Mind you I was boiling them spuds when I realized I couldn't find my potato masher. Well female inginuity to the rescue! I used my Pampered Chef mini wisk. Remember that trick now it turned out just perfect! Dinner was soo good that I was going to use leftovers to make a meat sauce for spaghetti well not any more. There wasn't much left we ate so much. Maybe it was all the fast food for the last 3 weeks that made a home cooked meal taste so good. Even Bryce and his finickyness(word?) ate it and talk about how good it tasted. LOL! Remember trick to get kids to appreciate home cooked meals OD them on fast food! Then it was just spending the evening getting our stuff organized. Hooking up my washer and dryer. Working on fixing my desk since the leg broke in the move. That's about it. I'll write more about tomorrow later.
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