Saturday, September 02, 2006

What a Blast!

Well today was kind of a lazy day. I spent most of it fighting with the printer software so I could hook my laptop directly to the printer since we had to use it near a phone jack for a fax. Sooner or later Phil will figure out the server thing.
Then we ran out to Wal Mart for groceries. not to bad most of what we needed for the next 2 weeks. We still need to go out to Freddy's for the rest but not bad. Then we ran to Home Depot for a garden hose left the old one behind. Thought it went in the trailer but I guess it didn't.
Then came the fun part of the night. The Butternug Squash Design Team had a chat in the DST chat room. There sure were a lot of people there, and Christy gave away some great prizes. Of course we got on the subject of her blog and poor Henry. Or should I say poor Christy and her car that smells like old cheese and a goat died in it. LOL! If you haven't visited her blog you really need too. Annny way we got on some weird combinations of subjects and it all started sounding just tooo bizaare (spelling?) It was like spam, poop, squid, chocolate, sushi, goats, and cheese and who knows what else. LOL! I sure hope some of the gals who were there show up at the forum so we can get to know them better. Oh and better yet some of the husbands started to read over shoulders. I guess we were just getting too wild.
Now I'm just sooo pooped out.(the tired type of pooped) I think I'm going to take a shower and read alittle then sleep. Got church tomorrow and more going on at the BSD Forum. See you there.


angie said...

Vicky - it was a blast last night. I'm still giggling when I think about it all.

And. . .I've already spent my $25 in free stuff! WHEEEEEE!

Melany said...

That WAS a lot of fun, wasn't it? Looks like we'll be doing it again...probably at the end of the month!

Melany :)

P.S. Sounds like you're starting to get settled in. Glad to 'hear' it.

Alice said...

Hi Vicki, found you blog link at Butternug Squash & wanted to check it out. Wish I had been in the chat...sounds like you had fun. Maybe next time. Amazing how something always gets left behind when you move, isn't it!