Monday, September 11, 2006

Where Was I?

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The question everyone is asking today. Where was I? 5 years ago today? I remember turning on the tv in the hotel room in Hawaii after a phone call from my mom. We were visiting for a week and just 1 day before the end of our stay. We sat there looking on in horror as the second plane appeared and flew into the second tower. It had to be some show it couldn't be real is what we were thinking, but every chanel had the same thing. There were people in the lobby freaking out because they couldn't leave the island and there was now where for them to stay. We spent the day doing our planned activities but when ever we go back and visit Sealife Park we will always remember 9-11-01. Good thing I have family there we spent the next 5 days sleeping on my mothers floor before they allowed anyone to fly. A lot of people, innocent people died that day just because we have the freedoms that we have. It is truely another day that will live in infamy. So never forget the innocent, the Firemen, and Police that gave their lives that day. A day that should have been like any other.
Ok I have to add if ever faced with the situation that those on that last flight did. I pray that I may act so bravely. Click on the title and remember the men, women, children, public servants, and our military today. God Bless AMERICA!
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