Monday, September 04, 2006

What a great Labor Day!

Monday we were invited to a brunch/ bbq. One of the families and the new church we are going to invited us over. Funny the same family that called Qwest about their phone bill and invited us to visit their church when we got here. I tell you God works in mysterious ways. Anyway, we got up kind of late around 9:30am. Then as we got our slow day started, the phone rang. It was Wayne saying hey breakfast is just about ready you had better come on over now. So we threw ourselves together and headed over. You know google maps have roads that have not been put in yet. Well we figured it out anyhow

When we got there, several other church members were already starting breakfast. I finally got to meet Tracy! She was the one that Phil talked to and invited us to this wonderful church to begin with. It was fun getting to know everyone, the pastor and his wife were there too.

It’s amazing how comfortable we feel with these people. It is also amazing how many of them are homeschoolers. That was my connection to this church. Funny how I mentioned it to the woman from the Pocatello Christian Homeschool Association and it turned out to be her church too!

After a tour of the house, we followed everyone else and went home for a nap. (Didn’t happen) Turns out that the Turners had an extra microwave and bold, as my husband is he actually asked for it. (Good thing I wasn’t there when it happened.) So again, God provided a much needed item. Bryce had a one-track mind after that. POPCORN! It’s the only thing he can make on his own. LOL! Thank You Tracy and Wayne! Bryce Loves The Microwave!

We went back around 5:30pm for the Bar-b-q part of the day. I was stuffed! I mean it was hamburgers, sausages, potato salad, pasta salad, chips, and so on but it was soooo good. The kids had fun playing and we adults socialized some more. We were there until dark talking and getting to know each other. Phil had to work early the next day so we had to leave. We gathered up the boys said our good byes and went home to a hot shower and bed. After I went and got Bryce some microwave popcorn. Can you believe the one track mind that boy has!

I know that this is where God wants us. We feel so oh I don’t know familiar with the people here in this church is the only way to describe it. Like God has told us in our hearts about all these wonderful people already.

That is how our Labor Day was in a condensed version. I do still miss my old neighborhood and friends but I now know that God has so much in store for us here too. I can’t wait to see what it is.


Melany said...

Wow Vicky. I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes. I'm so happy you're getting settled in and that you have found a warm and friendly church community once again.

Glad you're getting back some of those much-needed items and that Bryce finally got his 'fix'!

I'm very happy that you feel like you belong already - looks like it's a perfect fit for the whole family! Bless y'all!

Melany :)

angie said...

What fun, friend! Sounds like God (as always) is working out the details even before you know they need to be worked out!

I'm so happy for you!