Wednesday, August 30, 2006


At least that is what the side of the U-Haul truck should have said. None the less for some ironic reason our U-Haul said Idaho Hagarman Fossil Bed. We would be moving to Chubbuck Idaho and passing right through the Fossil Bed area. Go figure… Any way if you heard Phil has been relocated to the Pocatello Qwest Office and he started today(well yesterday now) After our quick jaunt up there for the weekend to rent a house we came home and proceeded to pack. Tuesday we got the truck. Phil had the unreal fantasy that we could have everything packed and loaded by Thursday. BOY! Was he dreaming! By Wednesday he finally understood me and the need to want to take almost everything we owned to Goodwill.

Thus began the massive purging of “stuff”. I now have no bed just the mattress. I also have no dressers. No bedroom furniture at all. (Hmm, I need to go shopping) The boys have just their dressers. We gave away our china hutch, our butcher block, and any large pieces of furniture that we felt couldn’t fit on the truck. I donated all the clothes that we no longer used or didn’t fit. I even went through cookbooks, and school books. I donated a ton of small kitchen appliances’ and even my electric cooker, with the stand that it goes on. Crystal and glassware too! Even then we had to rent the larges trailer that U-Haul has! I took us all week to load the stuff up with just the 2 of us and the new neighbors’ boy Jeff.

Phil’s sister came one evening with Al. He helped Phil load the washer, dryer, and fridge. They even got the storage cabinets loaded. Then Terry came back the next day and helped. It really helped to have someone else tell me you don’t need it send it to Goodwill.

By Friday morning it was crunch time Mike his nephew came by and helped move the last of the stuff to the garage. We worked until 3:30am on Saturday morning. Woke up at 6am Saturday finished loading the trailer. We loaded the kids up and were on the road by 10:30am or there about. We drove, and we drove and we drove, and gave in some where around Bliss Idaho at 1am and slept for 2 hours. We were on the road again by 2:50am. We stopped and got a cup of bad coffee, (yuck!) and were on the road again.

We arrived around 6:30am at the rental house in Chubbuck. We messed around with the truck and trailer for a little while snapped at each other and went in and laid down. That was it for about 2 hours. At 8:30 we started working on unloading the trailer. We hadn’t eaten yet so by 12:30pm Bryce and I ran to Fred Meyers for some “real food”. When we got back the people from the church that we are going to be attending here had arrived after service, and were quickly unloading the truck. The women helped with setting the kitchen up. That’s still not complete but they really helped get me started. What took us a week to load the guys unloaded in less than 4 hours. Are they AWESOME! OR WHAT?!

After they left we ran to the Dollar Tree (did I mention there’s a new one here?) to get a broom and other items that we had to leave behind due to no room on the truck. When we got back we again crashed for about and hour. Then we returned the U-Haul and trailer. After taking a shower we all just slept really hard.

Oh did I mention that through all this I had a sore throat and wasn’t feeling so great. After sleeping all night I felt a little better, but then my nose started running. I think exhaustion is what it is. My body just gave out! Right now I’m just so tired I almost didn’t finish this, but I know that there are those out there that are watching the blog to see how the move went. Now I’m going to go get some more sleep.

Good Night!

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