Sunday, August 13, 2006

I am so tired.

What a long day today has been. We woke up extra early so we could go to the early service at church today. We actually woke up at like 6:30 so we got there more than early enough for the 8:30 service. It was an emotional day for the kids and us. This was our last service at First Evangelical. The congregation did a prayer for us. I did ok until the end of service then I started to cry. We then went around and said good-bye to all of our close church friends. So when we got home around noon I was already pretty drained.
Phil then tackled the garage, and broke down the two huge warehouse style storage-shelves that he has had for years. Took that to his nephews’ house, and unloaded a bunch of stuff at Good Will. While he did that, I tackled boxing up the last of my cookbooks. So all the books are now pretty, much ready to go.

On top of all that, we had a little planning session and now it looks like instead of leaving on the 26-27th we may now be moving it up to the 22nd for packing the truck and driving to Pocatello before the weekend. Why is it every time I open my mouth I end up with less time? I really need to learn to stop asking for a game plan. (Quick I need a swift kick!)

Now I just soooo tired! Both emotionally and physically tired that is. I just hope I can sleep and don’t end up staring at the ceiling again. The boys look tired and act as if they’re on speed or something. I guess it’s a combination of being tired like me and the excitement of moving so far away. So far, God has pretty much arranged the move for us we just seem to be following in some prearranged plan of his. I just wish the move were over already. I miss my friends already, and we haven’t even left yet. There is so much more I could say but I really need to go take a shower and get some rest. Tomorrow I tackle getting a small dumpster and getting my allergy shots early, along with finding another allergist in Pocatello. More later, Toodles!


Melany said...

Hey Vicky,

Been thinking of you a lot lately - did you take a trip to Pocatello to check it out?

I'll say a prayer for time to 'slow down' for you so you can get it all done.

Time is flying fast around here too. Can't believe the summer's almost DONE!

Best wishes for the big move!

Melly :)

angie said...

It's a week later - I'm checking in. Hope you're good.

Miss talking to you - but heck - you may be on the road (literally) as I'm typing this.