Sunday, July 16, 2006

Surplused AGAIN!

Yep Qwest is going to close the Portland CS office. Phil just got his 90day notice this Thursday. I am totally bummed. They say if he works in one of the wireless kiosks in the mall he has the potential to earn more money than he does now. Then again we could move to Salt Lake City and he would have the same position. I'm really hoping he will be one of the people offered to go there as a manager, that would mean a raise. If anyone out there in homeschool land, and digiscrap land lives there and can give me some insight I would really love it. Right now we are so up in the air about everything. I don't want him to rush with a decision, but then again if the potential to move is there I want him to make it known too. If you know what I mean. I still haven't told the co-op or anyone local about it. Phil's family I know would not want us to move. *sigh* What to do, what to do.
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