Friday, July 07, 2006

Ring Ring

Do you know how difficult it is to find the driver to the USB cord for your phone? Well I do! You know it has taken almost 2 days of searching the internet? Well it did! So if anyone out there has been to the Sprint store and gotten a cable (and of course they don't carry the drivers)with no driver! Try out this site. FutureDial
Hopefully this will help some poor soul out there searching the internet like me.

On another note I sure hope others out there had a great Fourth of July. We sure did. We of course did our annual party at our old neighborhood. With great food, great friends, and of course great fireworks! This year Ken managed to not try blowing of a few fingers. It was Paul who did the oopsy and had a motar go off on the launch pad. EVERYONE got showered with sparks. They were this very pretty blue color but still not fun. Phils mom and step dad came to watch the show, but his sister and brother inlaw had to work which was a bummer. This year surprixingly Phil even let Bryce blow up things. Which really jazzed him. I could have taken photos but I always had to wait till backs were turned since I always got these hammed up poses. I do wish they wouldn't always do that so I could just once get that special light in their eyes that says just how happy they are at the moment. I did get some awesome firework shots though. Check them out! While I go run some errands.

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