Thursday, November 09, 2006

To long...

It has just been too long between blog posts. I don't even remember half of the last week. I really need to keep up on this posting regularly. Well Francis has a messed up back. Glad we caught it now and not later. Took him to his Bithday party. Guess he had a blast. Bryce and I went to Fred Meyers real quick. They had those scrapbook thermal cups on sale and I figured what it would cost to by them online plus shipping would be about the same. I got every cup they had in the store. heehee
Saturday Phil had to work so we pretty much stayed home all day. I did order my grain mill though.
Sunday was church and then the rest of the day I just don't remember. Is that bad or what? The boys say I have a short term memory problem.
Monday we walked over to the chiropractors office since it is like only a block away. The day was cloudy but really nice. Not too warm and not too cold.
Let's nothing special Tuesday. Wednesday though my mill showed up. It is an awesome mill. We ran some popcorn through it and VIOLA! Cornmeal. I cleaned up my kitchen and started some whole wheat bread. I'm going to play with the settings a little more and see what I get. That's all for now. Oh wait! Don't condem me for not voting, but our move was not so good for that. We will be registered for the next elections though. Just bad timing this time around. I'll try to post a little more later on. With some new layouts.
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