Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday again

It was long enough between blogs that I actually had to go look at my last post. Is that sad or what?
So that bread was a flop. I forgot to add the vital wheat gluten. Not enough gluten means no rise. Which equals something resembling bricks. So Friday I tried again and this time I remembered the gluten. Much better! I had 4 very nice loaves of whole wheat bread. It made for a very educatonal day. The boys got to see the bread happen from grain, to flour, to dough. They got to watch it rise and then formed it into loaves. Of course it was the best bread they ever had. They helped to make it. When that was all done I also made banana bread to take with me on Saturday to the womens craft time. Got the recipe out of the Cake Mix Doctor by Ann Byrn. Good recipe the kids just love it and just as good as my scratch recipe.
Saturday of course I went had a good time knitting and talking. Then I took off to go to a little class on preparing herbal remedies. Haven't done that in years. I'm going to have to get back into doing that. Then when I got home we took off to go look for a buffet for the dining room. I tell you there's alot out there that cost a fortune and is made of junk and looks like junk and the workmanship is crap!!! Can you believe the best deal was a KMart and it not only was just the right size but it was made better than the ones we saw that cost $700 and up! So today I have to finish making the chicken enchiladas for home care group tonight and move some of the dishes in these really high up cabinets. After I wash dishes! Guess I better go do that now. Oh before I leave I have been doing some layouts that I need to post I'll try to do that tonight. Bye

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