Thursday, June 15, 2006

Busy, busy, busy...

This week has started out busy already. Now that summer has started WATCH had a "Pit Stop" for us homeschoolers. We got to listen to and meet some great homeschool icons that was really encourging. I was considering going back to the unit studies way of homeschooling and I am really feeling that it is the right choice. Seems every where I turn God is putting signs in front of me telling me so.

I also got my first assignment as a Creative Team Memeber. It is such a gorgeous kit! Called "Conservatory 1-The Reds". It will go live on Friday and if you have ever taken a vacation some where tropical this kit is for those photos. I immediatly thought of Hawaii (where I am from) when I saw this kit. I even did 2 layouts with it using some photos taken when I went to visit my mom.

Then Christy sent me a second kit. Boy is she fast! So I threw this layout together since I was playing with the filters in Photoshop and got this painted look to some photos I took at Fort Stevens last year during the Civil War Re-enactment. This kit is called "Conservatory 2-The Purples" This kit will also be live on Friday at Get it then since it will be at a special price for Friday and Friday only.
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