Friday, November 07, 2008

Emergency Sale!

If your into digi scrapping you might want to know about this. I never thought I would know someone that this is happening to. You've probably heard about the people that are being forced out of their homes because the landlord is having the house or apartment foreclosed on. Well this is happening to Royanna Fritschmann. So if you want to give her a helping hand she is having a fire sale to get the funds to move in 3 days.

"We found out that the house we rented was just foreclosed on, so we have to unexpectedly move to a new home within the next 3 DAYS! We weren't prepared....and with things so financially tight we REALLY weren't prepared for this! So my husband pleaded with me to run a "Buy MY ENTIRE STORE SALE" for $29!

The $29 will give you access to my entire personal boutique for STUDIO RA DESIGNS. You can grab personal or commercial products and includes licensing on commercial and professional use designated products. You will have a shopping code to purchase all the items and then 7 full days to download them! ALL for the small price of ONLY $29.00! Over 400+ Products valued at well over $2000!

We have 3 days to leave this rental home - which means we have to find a new home, figure out how to pay for it, pack it all up and then move in 3 days! So ALL proceeds from this sale are going to pay for all the moving expenses and the deposit on the new house! So we are asking for your help and prayers as we go through this turmoil! THANK YOU from the FRITSCHMANN FAMILY!"
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