Friday, May 02, 2008

Another Day Another Computer Problem

Good grief I have spent the last 30 hours trying to get my desktop working again. Phil said it wouldn't take long for him to install a new hard drive and get it going as my new main drive. HAH! Fat chance we are talking about my computer so of course anything that can go wrong has gone wrong.
First I was up till 4am trying to get my sound card driver. What a pain that was. Then I got up this morning and proceeded to waste pretty much my whole day trying to get my wireless to work. No it still isn't working I just found my extra, extra, extra long ethernet cord and am working on a direct connection. Wait I'm posting this from my laptop since I'm still trying to get my Photoshop and ACDSee to work on the desktop. Come tomorrow I better have that Stimulus check! Because Phil said no matter what Sunday I can get a new Computer. I know then I have to start all over. Don't laugh!!!
So far I do have a new Video card out of all this. Phil said it might get the desktop moving faster, and when I get the new computer I'll use it in that too. I sure hope it works since tomorrow morning I have 2 co-op classes to teach. Tongue Out 12
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