Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I need to take Francis to the doctors to confirm it but I think he has the chicken pox! Sure looks like it anyway. At first I was trying to figure out what he's been eating that could be causing his eczema to flair up. After all he was vaccinated a 2yo. Then he got out of the shower tonight going "MOM this itches SOOOO BAD!" I took one look and thought "oh great!" He may be vaccinated but he has chicken pox. I looked up some visuals online and it looks the same. Poor kid. Now I have the itches just thinking about it. At least Phil and I have already had the chicken pox. Bryce well it might not be so bad if he gets them but he's been vaccinated too. Blah!

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Angie said...

YIkes!!! I hope, if they DO have the chicken pox, that you guys will have a Merry Christmas anyway! I believe I had chicken pox one year at Christmas. . . and then a couple years later, had the MUMPS for christmas.

Talk about some fun pictures. ICK!