Saturday, September 08, 2007

My poor neglected blog

I have so ignored my blog. So much has been happening and I just don't know where to start.
The church had their School Supply Giveaway. That was a success. Next year we plan on expanding it to all of Pocatello not just Chubbuck. I'll post some pictures later since those are all on my desktop. I did do a few layouts from that too.

To top it off we started school this last Tuesday. I'm returning to the Lapbooks, or Thematic approach again. Makes it easy to wing when you still have books in boxes. Tuesday we started with Science and the microscope. I tell you they wanted to do the whole 3 months in just 1 day. I had to stop them at 3:30. LOL! We flew through our reading assignments Wednesday so they could hit the microscope again. That was a big mistake. I knew it felt like a headache was starting, but I think the lights in my eye triggered a migraine. I was down for the count. I'm still dealing with it just on a lesser scale now. 4 days and counting.
Thursday it came down to the absolute have to fix the fish pond day. The pond was losing water to the point we had to fill it almost every 2 hours or the poor fishes had no water. So I had to go buy a fish net and some pond adhesive to fix the pond. We move the fishes to the top pond and let the bottom go till there was hardly any water left. OH WAIT! What's this? The pump that pumps the water to the top pond for the waterfall is set up just so... and the water siphons backwards and out of the pond! WTF! So all this time the pump has been literally pumping the water out of the pond! No wonder when we bought the house the guy said that they didn't run the pump because "it evaporated the water from the pond too fast." That made no sense to me, but NOW it did. You see he had just set the hose up between some rocks and let her go. Well it ran under the rocks into the pond and around the rocks out of the pond too. So we took the whole shabang apart and used the adhesive to seal the rocks together so not backwashing allowed there. (the adhesive was also for building waterfalls hooray! no extra expense needed there) Then we cut a longer hose so the water doesn't really hit the rocks, but goes into the pond. So it's dark about now and we have to clean out the bottom pond might as well since it's empty anyway. Fill it and run it over night. Yippee! No water loss! Fishy's are saved!
Friday was another busy day. We did the first co op classes for the PCHA. Very small not ready for anything like First Class but a forward step anyway. Then we went gleaning for fruit. I just wish I knew where all the fruit went to. Last year there was tons of fruit this year it was sad really sad.
Sad 2 Matter of fact now that I think about it last year there were tons of stickers and weeds around and this year there were none of those too.
Today is just work on the yard day and relax. We had thought to go to the fair but the fishy rescue took that money. So we have prepaid tickets for the Reel Theater and we're going to do the family movies tonight. Just which one first. "Evan Almighty" or "Pirates" hmmm.
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