Friday, September 28, 2007


Oh yeah and my grumbley brother. Grumbley is that a word? I'll have to go look that one up. So any way! They got here on Saturday afternoon so that was spent getting them settled in.
Sunday mom came to church with us. Casey as usual refused to go. You know all my childhood I went to church. No wait I was forced to go to church, while he got to sleep in on Sunday. He still refuses to go to church. Monday we were going to go to the Idaho Museum of Natural History, but they were closed. Figures right. Not only that but Phil had some appointments he had to keep so we stayed close to home.
Monday night we got the call that it was time to go potato gleaning so Tuesday they got a taste of our usual fall activity. We gleaned close to 6 bags of potatoes too. Talk about beat we were worn out.
Wednesday we went to Soda Springs to see the captured geyser. They also have a phosphorus plant out there and we got to watch them dump the slag creating a form of man made lava flow. That was really cool to see.
Today or yesterday now we went to Yellowstone Park to see Old Faithful. The geysers there are really pretty with these beautiful colors. I have like 400 photo's that I'm downloading now. I'll try to remember to get some posted here later on. Now I'm going to let the computer continue to download and go to sleep. Updates later gang!

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