Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

Yeah I know it was yesterday. I still want to say He is Risen!

Any way we were woken up by the boys at 6am! NOT! We sent them back to bed. LOL! Then when we did wake up they went on the traditional egg hunt and got all the eggs. No rotten eggs this year. Blah! We then had breakfast and headed to church. As usual it was a great day at church. Josh was back so it was really nice to see him. He looked great you wouldn't know that they removed 8inches(I believe it was) of his small intestine unless you were told. We then came home and stuck the ham in the oven for dinner. Phil got the barbecue going and made some buffalo burgers going. Those were sooooo good! We'll be having those again. Followed by a nice long nap. heehee.

Dinner was good, really good! After dinner we watched the movie everyone has been raving about "Facing the Giants". Totally awesome movie. I'll do some movie reviews here in a little bit. Right now I have to grab Bryce and do our daily reading lesson.

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