Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Facing the Giants

Another really good movie. One that I highly recommend for the whole family. Yeah, yeah I know it's a football movie, but how the coach goes about creating an all star team is what it's about. How do you take a team that is down in the dumps to the heights of glory? Especially when your own life feels like it's down in the dumps too. By faith, total and complete blind faith. Starting with your own life, living it, breathing it, believing it, with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul. Then you take this and apply it to your team teach them by showing them in you life. Show them that by faith they can do anything, go any where, if that is what God wants for you. With this plan in place he watches his team grow in all way in their lives, coming to Christ each in his own time and way, at the same time growing in his faith too. The effects of this team plan is far reaching and you can see it in the school faculty and students. The Parents see the changes in their kids, and the effects on the family. The movie is more than a football sport movie. It's about how faith can make us all winners in our lives, whether we win or lose. So again if you haven't seen this movie you must see it. I've tried to give you enough, without giving you everything. Since I was so tired of hearing just you have to see this. But now....
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