Thursday, January 25, 2007

Well What are We Doing?

Let's see it's been awhile but a lot has happened too. Last Friday was the Boyscout Pack Pinewood Derby. We had a blast. Talk about a quiet group though. At first it was so quiet! Then it turns out that lane one had a problem so we had to start all over. That's when the parents started to warm up and yell and cheer! On top of it all can you believe it was a 4 way TIE! So we had to run another 4 heats. GUESS! Who won?! Francis! So we're going to District to race next! WoohooOn top of that! Think the racing is over? NOT! Saturday we had the AWANA Grand Prix. Francis raced with a different car since he had to use AWANA axels and wheels. So he didn't win that one. But Bryce Got 1st place in the open division for Design. Way To Go Bryce. WoohooDo these boys rock or what?!w00t 2 After AWANAS we went and got our taxes done! Are we doing good or what? Thumbs Up 8 Sunday was just a oh hum day. I woke up with a sore throat and after church it got worse. Not good! So I stayed home and Phil took the boys to CARE Group. Since then it's been homeschool as usual. Maybe it's me but sometimes I just want to give in and send them to public school. Of course I think they might last a day maybe two before begging to be homeschooled again. I dunno...Maybe I just expect too much from them. I want to homeschool but I keep finding myself slipping into the school at home mode and that just stresses me out waaaay too much. I need to step back and get a grip sometimes. I do miss the First Class Co-0p for sure! Heidi, Kelsy, Lori, Carrie! I miss you guys!Crying 8 Ok pity party is over now. I got some stuff to post but I'm going to do it later. Gots to go look up an ear diagram for class. Till later. Blowing Kisses
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