Friday, March 18, 2011

New Foam Hair Color by Clairol

Well I just finished coloring my hair. I used the Dark Brown, and may I say I am so far very pleased. Minus one peeve. I have very thick, coarse, straight, long hair. I purchased 2 boxes thinking I would need 2. I usually use 1 and 1/2 boxes for my hair. I usually drip color all over my bathroom and am a real mess. Not this time! I only used one box, and it really did cover my gray hairs. Usually the gray is colored, but still obviously gray. Also my hair is a true black so mostly I color for the gray and my black still looks black. Well this time my hair looks DARK BROWN! WOW! Perhaps next time I will try something with red tints see what happens. I have to say the smell was different from the average hair color. I think they were going for a floral scent, and the fumes were GAG! Strong to say the least. Man did my eyes water! But that's to be expected it is a chemical process after all.
My only real beef with this and all the other brands I've tried is there is not enough conditioner. Now that little packet covered a small patch of my hair at the bottom back. I ended up giving up trying to spread it around, and just went and used my regular leave in conditioner when I was done. You really do need to put more conditioner in these boxes. I mean those 2 packets are for now and later? Heck I could use both and barely have enough for my hair, much less for later.
I will have to see how long this lasts, and how my hair holds up. Who knows could all fall out tomorrow. ( as if I could be so lucky)
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