Thursday, December 25, 2008

Toto this is not Hawaii!

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Just about now I'm really missing those Green and Bright Christmases were the sun shines by day and the stars glow at night. Now my friends and family in Oregon and Washington have been bombarded with snow and ice this last week or so, but wow! They have what we normally get and we have a small blizzard! For example ( now keep in mind I'm no Pioneer Woman) this is just the "Winter Storm Warning" on Monday. There was a thin layer of snow when we went to bed. Nothing coming out of the sky either. We just figured OK the normal stuff. We get this warning every winter since we've been up here. Quick put out the salad bowl so we can make some Snow Ice Cream. Who knows where the bowl went to in the morning! So this is a picture of what we woke up to Monday morning.
Next on Christmas Eve we took the kids out ice skating at the ice rink that the hockey association build. Outdoors so it's really freezing. By 8pm the wind was starting to blow. Really Blow! Bryce and I froze out and came home around 7:30pm Phil and Francis stayed, and played some more. I'll post some pictures later today. (since I have nothing better to do until the snow stops blowing around!) I guess Phil and Ken Davis went and added more water to the rink to make sure the ice is nice and thick for when it warms up next week for a few days. That way we don't lose our ice. Phil and Francis made it home by 9:30pm. By then the weather wasn't just talking winter warning anymore they were talking blizzard. Blowing snow, and white out! Here I thought white out was that stuff in a bottle that you used to correct typing mistakes. NOT!
This morning we awoke to a new blanket of snow. Just check out the pictures. Also that black pipe sticking out above the garden hose storage is for our furnace. Had to go and take a shovel out there after this picture was taken so that it wouldn't get buried. LOL! Like my apple tree in the background? Purdy with all that snow on it isn't it?

Sorry this picture isn't the best. I had to take it from the bedroom window. I couldn't get to a good enough spot to take this picture because of how deep the snow is. Oh and I did remove that glass salad bowl and we did make snow ice cream. YUM!

I had to get this picture in because the trash didn't have any snow on it last night. Trash pickup was yesterday, and Phil got the tractor out with the snow blower and cleared the drive way up to the fence. Matter of fact he made himself this little trench like path from the workshop to the drive way. Well that trench/path GONE! Totally under snow, almost flat across.
Can you tell the Hawaiian part of me is just fascinated by this weather phenomenon. Now my friends in Canada, Illinois, Missouri, and places like that are going "Oh that's nothing you should see what it's like here". Still for me this is AMAZING! Hope everyone has a great Christmas day. Stay in stay warm. Unlike us who have kids that want to go out to Bartz Field and sled!!!
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